Venus in Gemini 2020

Venus in Gemini 2020

First let’s understand the planet…

Venus is a combination of two extremes; purity and desires.

Venus, is all about seeing the world with rose- tinted glasses. Beauty, creativity, romance, music, other fine arts and love are a few attributes it’s attached to. Venus is love personified and therefore marital bliss, physical attraction and passion come naturally to a Venus dominant person.

Pleasures of senses like fragrances (smell), good food (taste), music (sound), soft textures (touch) and beauty (sight) come under the umbrella of Venus. This exquisite planet gives a drive for material comforts, charm and politeness. A good Venus in the horoscope ensures financial prosperity. Being the guru of the asuras; it gives an inclination and knowledge of occult sciences and spirituality.

Who does Venus represent?

Venus represents Shukracharya the guru of the asuras. In Hindu mythology he is the son of Bhrigu rishi. His mother as referred to in Devi Bhaghvata puran is Kavyamata. He first studied under guru Angirasa and then rishi Gautam as he felt that the former was partial to Brihaspati, the guru of the devtas.

After severe penance dedicated to Lord Shiva, he was granted the boon of Sanjeevani vidhya by Bholenath. This vidhya is the knowledge of bringing the dead back to life. Being a guru, the planet is connected to knowledge of occult sciences, art, culture and other creative fields and purity. Being the guru of the asuras he is connected to desires, sensory pleasures and materialism.

Legend goes that the king of asuras, Bali who was very powerful yet very generous held a big yagya and lord Vishnu came there in his Vaman avatar or as a dwarf Brahmin. He then asked for land equal to his four steps.

Shukracharya recognised him, his intent to deceive Bali and he sat in the spout of the vessel from which water had to be poured for sankalp. Lord Vishnu, all knowing cleverly used a twig to clean the pot and in the process the daitya guru lost his one eye.

Even in Roman mythology Venus is the goddess of love, beauty, desires, fertility and prosperity.

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Venus is goddess Laxmi personified…

Goddess Lakshmi first lived with the demons before the gods attained her as mentioned in our puranas and epics, Mahabharata and Ramayana. Asuras —Hiranakashipu, Prahalad, Bali and rakshasas— Ravana and Kuber were blessed by goddess Laxmi. Their cities Hiranyapura, Alakapuri and Lanka have been described as cities of gold because of goddess Lakshmi. Probably that’s why Venus planet is connected to goddess Laxmi and attributes of financial prosperity connected to her.

Venus- the planet or part of the zodiac in Vedic astrology…

Shukaravar or Friday in the Hindu calendar is Venus or Shukra. This day represents planet Venus in Hindu astrology. It is a part of the

Navagraha. It moves with Sun and Mercury. Venus and Mercury are two planets that can be combust and retro at the same time. It represents the female energy and rules over or is the lord of Vrishabha (Taurus) and Tula (Libra) rashi.

It exalts in the rashi of Jupiter which is Pisces as both gurus represent knowledge with purity and it debilitates in Virgo which is ruled by Mercury. This is surprising since Saturn and Mercury are considered to be friendly to Venus. Sun and Moon are enemies and Jupiter neutral.

It is the lord of three Nakshastra which are Bharani, Purva Phalguni and Purva Ashadha.

In Vedic astrology, in the Kaalpurush kundali, the second and seventh house are ruled by Venus. 2nd house is the dhan bhav which represents early education, speech, finances, deposited money, food and taste and family to name a few.

The seventh house represents all kinds of partnerships including marriage, travels, spouse, romance and sexuality.

Now let’s understand Gemini rashi ruled by Mercury to see how Venus will behave in Gemini…

Gemini also called Mithun is the 3rd rashi in Vedic astrology. This sign signifies communication, friends, imagination, oratory and writing skills, intellectual, inconsistent behaviour, wit, enthusiasm, charm and fun loving. Action and anxiousness too are two qualities connected to the rashi.

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Venus in Gemini…

Venus changed its rashi in transit on the 1st of August 2020 to enter the Gemini or Mithun rashi. Venus is the significator of beauty, finance and art.

This transit will bring with it enhancement to the individual’s wellbeing depending on the house it’s transiting in his or her natal chart. It might bless a native with a new blooming relationship depending on the age. For married couples it brings better understanding and good times. At the workplace, better relationship amongst colleagues depending on the placement in an individual’s kundali.

Take some time and sit back and enjoy, celebrate as Venus shares a friendly relationship with the lord of Gemini, Mercury. For Mithun ascendant, Venus will be travelling on the ascendant so will have its effect on the Lagan and its 12th and 5th house which Venus rules for the Gemini ascendant.

Mithun or Gemini, is a rashi of communication and relationships. Venus is all about love, emotions and relationships. That’s why the current transit of Venus in Gemini sign will enhance and encourage fair and open communication in both personal and professional front.

Venus will aid Gemini in its efforts to facilitate exchange of ideas. It will help develop a strong penchant for art and creativity in Gemini individuals.The negative effect of Venus transit can result in erraticism and superficiality, depending on which house it is transiting through.

The initial transit of Venus will be over Rahu where it will be in close proximity to the shadow planet causing some unreasonable desires to upsurge. This might result in communication which might not be congenial in the long run.

Therefore watch out for opportunities of forming new alliances and further cementing old ones. Communicate but with caution.

Shalini Modi

Written by Ms. Shalini Modi

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