Numerology Prediction 2022

Numerology Prediction 2022

   “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream”

                                                       -Rebekah Lowin.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of dreams “

                                                         -Eleanor Roosevelt.

The Numerology 2022 reading is very auspicious and indicates the New Year 2022 will be happy go lucky one. The New Year 2022 will bring a new ray of hope after the darkness of 2 years of pandemic. The life will start coming close to normal after the difficult time of coronavirus.  All over the World people’s lives were upside down under the dark phase of lockdown. 

The New Year shall bring positivity, new hopes and beginnings. The root number of New Year 2022 is the year of number 6 (*2+0+2+2) of planet Venus of love, peace, harmony, opulence, majestic, magnificence and cooperation. Goddess Laxmi of wealth and governs number 6.

The planet Venus is the planet of feminine energy that is prakriti which nurtures the human being with unconditional love, care and protection just like a mother. The year 2022 is the year of responsibility, Love, compassion, empathy, family, relations will play vital role in everyone’s life.

The frequency of numbers 6, 2, 0, 4   resonates the lives of every human being.

In the year 2022, there will three vibrations of number 2 of planet Moon. The planet Moon rules mind, emotions, balance, cooperation, intuition, feelings and mother.

Number 0 gives an amplifying energies to every number. It rules over continuous flow, cycles, spiritual oneness, wholeness and completion.

The last two digits of the year is 22 which is a master number, adds to Number  22/4 of  planet Rahu rules over science, technology, revolutionary, sudden changes, research, medicine, fears, phobias and destruction.

Everyone is advised to write 2022 in the date like- DD/MM/YEAR – 01/01/2022 to get the auspicious and magical impact of Numerology Number 6.

The world’s economy will start growing, the fashion, entertainment, media industry will flourish. The travel and tourism, hotels, restaurant hospitality business will increase this year. The women empowerment and females will outshine in all fields. The IT industry, social media, Instagram, You tube, Face book will grow. The luxurious brands and cars will be in high demand. 

The Numerology Predictions for Year 2022 for the natives are given by best Numerologist, Astrologer Dimple Babbar for personalised online consultation book an appointment

The Numerology Predictions 2022 are based on your date of birth, so let’s go …what does this year have for you? Numerology Horoscope predictions resonate with the root number that is addition of date, month and year of your Date of Birth as

01/02/1990 is DOB

Then 1+2+1+9+9+0 =22/4

22/4 is the root number of the person ….very easy but for personalised Numerology consultation 2022 take online consultation from FPT renowned Astrologer, Numerologist Ms Dimple Babbar.

The 2022 Numerology Predictions for –

 Number 1 

The natives Born on dates 

1,10,19,28 of any month or 

Zodiac sign – Leo, the planet Sun – king of all planets is the ruler. Number 1 represents independence, individualism, leadership qualities, born ruler, ambitious ego problem, innovation. The year 2021 was good in terms of finance, business and you thrive in that year.  `

Career and profession – This year for  growth, promotions and success, but to take full advantage of luck  be courteous, docile with your colleagues ,employees or staff  and work  with  cooperation  .You are advised to control your ego and arrogance if you have lady boss.

Entertainment industry, Publishing,Textile ,Restaurants , Luxurious brands will be favourable for you .The Year 2022 will tempt to spend more on show off, so don’t flow with the flow and control your expenses. Be careful in your investments.

Love and Relationship

This year love will be  in the air so spend good time with your family and spouse . Do not use abusive language otherwise you will be misunderstood if you are not polite and caring for family .If you are alone looking for companion then will find a good match for yourself .


You might face anger, anxiety and stress because of which you will loose focus in work.

Bring discipline and routine in your life .Do meditation ,yoga and regular gym .

Favourable no’s – 1,2,4,7.

Favourable days – Sunday ,Monday , Tuesday

Favourable colour – light yellow ,light orange .

Direction of Sun – East direction represents social association and activities .

Direction of year 2022 – South East direction of wealth ,cash flow liquidity ,Goddess laxmi.

Socializing will bring new opportunities and new beginnings.

Avoid drinking and be pure vegetarian  especially on Tuesday , Friday and Saturday

Number 2 

The natives born on 2,11,20 dates of any month or Zodiac sign – Cancer is ruled by the planet Moon  .The number 2 represents mind ,emotions, balance, cooperation  ,intuition ,power behind the throne ,vitality, duality ,diplomacy ,every war is won in mind .In the New Year 2022 there is mouthful of 2’s.

Career and profession

The three vibrations of number 2 will amplify the impact and resonate   mind energy  which will increase imaginative ,creative ideas .

You will get opportunities and favours  to excel in your field .But excess of everything is bad so control procastinanation and become doers than thinkers .You will get credit and promotions  of your work when you speak for yourself  otherwise seniors will take all appreciation and rewards .You will get cooperation and support from your colleagues and bosses.

Be expressive and practical ,get your work done .

As being  number 2 ,you are extreme thinkers ,dreamers and lack in practicality .Keep  yourself emotionally strong as the you might face  mood swings.

Finance and money

But this year you will get full support of  number 6 (magical Venus) of the year .Inflow of money shall remain good throughout the year .But be smart in your expenditure as you will be attracted to spend on luxuries, food ,cosmetics and all expensive things.

You are advised to perform those tasks in which you have clear vision .


You might face mood swings ,depression ,anxiety ,stress or insomnia .Due to stress you might feel lethargic and loose focus .Control your food habits ,eat juicy fruits ,drink ample of water to stay healthy .Meditation on full moon will keep you fit 

Favourable days-Wednesdays,

Favourable colour- off white, light colours -blue ,pink ,yellow

Favourable no’s – 2,4,7 

Direction – North – West _ represents support ,banking ,finance .Keep NW direction clean and 

The year 2022  will be golden year and  give opportunities to turn your dreams into reality.

 Number 3
The native born on 3,12,21,30 of any month or Zodiac sign – Sagittarius or Pisces ,planet Jupiter is the ruler .Planet Jupiter or Dev guru Brihaspati  is the teacher of spiritualism .Number 3 represents intelligence ,wisdom ,self expression,sharp memory ,ambition, social ,dignity , compassion. The year 2022 will be highly supportive year for number 3 natives as 3,6,9 are the magical numbers which outshine with each other .

Career and profession 

The natives in education field ,finance business, counsellor ,advisors ,Accountant, Writers, philosopher will get success after July 2022 .You will get lots of opportunities to achieve heights in your career. The students shall get success in competitive exams and higher education. The work load will also increase with growth.  

Relationship and love  

The native shall remain grounded and be courteous .The bonding and compatibility will be high with your partner .Avoid snobby nature and keep a check on your ego in relationship. The native will get suitable partner or marriage is indicated.


This year there will be lot of distractions for glamour ,addiction or bad company. You might have to work hard to keep focus .Stress level will be high .There are chances of viral infections so avoid any health issues be pure vegetarian and avoid drinking. Favourable days – Friday ,Tuesday

Favourable colour- Light yellow ,saffron. Direction – North East/NE Is the direction of God’s grace and love. Meditate in NE direction and everyday  light a ghee lamp . The year 2022 will bring prosperity ,stability in personal ,professional and social association.    
Number 4 

The natives born on 4 ,13,22,31 of any month ,Planet Rahu is the ruler. Rahu represents research technology, science ,sudden changes ,revolutionary, systematic, organiser, practical ,passion ,game changer ,intuition , Planet Rahu is the promoter of materialism and in the Year 2022 addition of last two digits *2+2=4) master number 22/4  (Rahu) which manifests the dreams into reality. 

The year 2022 shall bring sudden changes either all your stuck work will start accomplishing or ongoing project gets stopped .You are advised to Write 2022 instead of 22 to get  the positive  energy of numbers 6,2,4,0.

You have to bring change in yourself ,go easy and  work as a team with your juniors ,workers to get benefitted .Number 4 persons are organised and systematic but  .Don’t become stubborn and crazy for achieving your goals as it will give adverse results in your career. Be compassionate and avoid haste decisions in investment .

Relationship and love

The year 2022 will be favourable for getting into relationship and marriage .Be compassionate and faithful in relation . Planet Rahu creates misunderstandings and illusion which will bring misunderstandings in the relations. Rahu is the planet which makes a person star ,name, fame, millionaire overnight . This year will auspicious for  Entertainment industry,Technical World Media ,Medicine ,Healers ,Astrologers , Research work .


Stomach related issues ,acidity, ,allergies or undiagnosed illness .Avoid drinking and be vegetarian .Do meditation and bring routine in your life. Favourable days- Wednesday ,Friday ,Sunday Favourable colours- light blue ,light green, light pink ,white Direction – South West/SW is the direction of stability ,relationship ,prosperity and ancestral blessings .This is the most important direction for life long happiness, success  and growth .Keep SW direction neat and clean ,add yellow colour here .  

Number 5

The natives born on 5,14,23 of any month or Zodiac sign Gemini or Virgo ,the planet Mercury is the ruler .Mercury represents intelligence ,knowledge ,fine command in vocabulary ,diplomacy ,writing, communication skills ,business acumen ,quick decision, versatility ,variety ,freedom ,youth ,travel ,capable of doing multiple things at one time and scholar.

The planet Mercury gives charismatic attraction in personality which makes popular among opposite sex .The year 2021 already  given  beneficial  results for  profession and businesses like steel industry ,silver, bitcoin ,share market , technology ,medicines. This year you will get good support and growth from number 6 Venus in already mentioned profession and also in luxury brands ,textile ,publishing ,electronic media . The inflow of money shall remain throughout the year .

Relationship and love

You will get compatible companion this year .The year 2022 will be good for  love relationship .Be honest and loyal with your partner as there will be lot of distractions .  


You might face stress ,anxiety or nervousness due to  performing multiple tasks at one time .Don’t take quick decisions .Maintain discipline in life and do meditation .Eat green vegetables , gooseberry and juices to keep yourself fit. Favourable days- Wednesday, Thursday and  Friday. Favourable colour- light green ,yellow Direction – North is the direction of money opportunities ,sub conscious mind which gives way to achieve dream success and year 2022 of maa Laxmi which gives in abundance .Keep North direction clutter free .  

Number 6

The natives born on 6 ,15,24 of any month or Zodiac sign Taurus or Libra ruled by planet Venus ,is the king of the year and is number 6 year- expect opportunities and growth. Venus represents love ,care, beauty ,feminine grace ,home ,family ,cooperation ,protection ,refined ,cultured ,docile ,splendour , luxuries. Number 6 gives magical attraction in the person ,curly hairs ,glow, charm, magnetism in aura which cannot missed by anyone.

The year 2022 will bring auspicious results in your business ,career ,jobs ,money, prosperity and happiness.  You will get favour of authorities ,slowly all stuck work get moving . Entertainment industry whether Bollywood or Hollywood will rise ,creative ,dancing ,acting ,media all high end luxury brands will prosper . You are advised not to spend more than you earn .

Relationship and love

You will get perfect match for yourself .You will experience more Compatibility and warmth in your relationship .The year is auspicious for marriage .Travel ,social meetings ,parties will increase. Keep control on your desires and be loyal in relationship.


Keep check on your sugar intake .You might get uterus related issues or UTI infection. Keep yourself hydrated and do regular exercise. You might face mood swings or emotional set backs .Do not show off and keep yourself grounded . Favourable days- Wednesday, Friday, Saturday. Favourable colour – light blue ,pink ,floral prints. Direction -South East/SE is the direction of the year 2022 governed by planet Venus and Maa Laxmi . Light Desi ghee lamp in SE direction or light red bulb to get the inflow money , happiness ,prosperity.  

Number 7 

The natives born on 7,16,25 of any month is ruled by planet Ketu .Planet Ketu represents Moksha, detachment, spiritualism, knowledge, wisdom ,analysis ,introspective, understanding. The  natives do not socialize  ,live alone as silence is their learning space that’s why they are misunderstood as arrogant person.  To get favourable results in career ,profession ,jobs you are advised to connect with the society ,relatives ,friends as the energy of the year is relationship ,  cooperation and  team support .

Relationship and love

Nobody will be left untouched with the love  this year .The companionship will be the part of life. To keep going with the flow of energy get involved in the research work or start studying deep subjects like astrology ,mythology or philosophy.


Get your health check ups done .Detoxify your body ,increase the intake of fluids . Meditation , yoga will help you to balance the body chakras . Favourable days – Tuesday, Friday Favourable colour- off white cream ,white . Direction – South West/SW is the direction of contentment ,relationship ,splendour and skills  .Keep  one fruit overnight in SW direction and eat it next day will bestow blessings of Ancestors.  

Number 8 

The natives born on 8,17 ,26 of any month or Zodiac sign Capricorn and Aquarius is ruled by planet Saturn. The Saturn represents power ,ambition, authority ,material satisfaction, giving and receiving, stability, amazing infinity or infinite abundance.

The year 2022 is starting on Saturday so Saturn’s number 8 vibration will also  resonates with king  number 6 .Number 8 gives results according to karma  so get organized ,responsible ,sincere and have patience .Do not expect from others  rather perform your duties ,you will get support ,growth and success in your work . professional related to research ,religion ,science, yoga, spiritualism ,astrology, businesses will prosper .

Relation and love

Share your feelings with others and express  love and affection to all your family members. Do not use harsh or vindictive words to anyone . You will get respect and recognition in society.


You might face Stress, anxiety or nerves related issues .To avoid health related ailments do regular walk, exercise and meditate to introspect and connect with inner soul . Favourable days – Wednesday, Friday ,Saturday . Favourable colour- Avoid black ,brown ,red colours  Direction – West is the direction of gains and profits and wish fulfilment. Place the crystal Sri yantra in west direction to get  abundance of wealth.  

Number 9 

The natives born on 9,18,27 of any month or Zodiac sign Aries or Scorpio is ruled by planet Mars .  Mars represents  courage ,valour, leadership qualities ,action oriented ,adventure, idealism, fighting spirit  ,go getters . The year 2022 is number 6 year which makes  magical numbers with 3,9 .

You will get good opportunities ,promotions in work .The hard work is the key to success but you are advised to  control your anger and speech .You are action oriented in nature but this year match the pace with your colleagues, juniors and staff .Be expressive and share your feelings  to get fruitful results in career and job.  Money inflow shall remain throughout the year.

Relationship and love

You will experience new feelings and warmth  in relationship .There is  possibility single ones ,to get married this year .You will  get attracted for luxuries and upgrade your lifestyle ,home interiors or car .Do not  do impulsive expenditure.


You might face anger issues ,BP problem or stress. Channelise your energy and do regular in exercise ,walk , jogging or join gym. Avoid spicy food. Favourable days- Tuesday, Thursday, Friday Favourable colour- Avoid dark red ,black ,brown colour.

Direction – South is the direction of name ,fame ,branding , recognition .The year 2022 will bestow cash inflow and give opportunities to rise as sky will be the limit.  

The year 2022 will bring sunshine all over the World .The frequency of number 6 of planet Venus is love ,cooperation, peace will resonate within all of us to being mindful about the community and protecting others too  .The economy growth of the World and especially India ( Bharat) will  be high. May Goddess Laxmi bless you  and very happy new year 2022 from internationally renowned Astrologer , Numerologist Dimple Babbar and   FPT  -(Future Prediction Today) group.  

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