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Feng Shui Mistakes You Must Avoid in Your Home!

Feng Shui is a modern way to style a house to create a vibrant feeling of joy and harmony which is also making homeowners going crazy.

It is believed that this 3,000-year-old Chinese philosophical system spreads positivity, magical effects when applied to in all spheres of life like health, relationship, career, etc.

Feng shui decorating means is that creating an environment that has the best energy to support specific activities.

If you want to create an aura of positivity and happiness in your home with effective Vastu Remedies consult an Astrologer to gain the maximum favorable results.

An individual puts more effort into creating an eye-catching look, but the feng shui style focuses not only on looks rather it also creates positive energy by removing all the negativities from the house.

Feng Shui is based on the philosophy of “Chi” or “Energy”. The importance of positive energy flow has already been described and emphasized strongly in Vaastu Shastra. According to Vastu Shastra, there are five elements- fire, water, earth, ether, and air.

 But according to the feng shui philosophy, here are some ideas that need to be avoided by the homeowners.

Improper Furniture Orientation- If an individual places furniture like beds, chairs, sofas with their back against the door or windows is considered inauspicious. The placing of furniture in the right direction will ensure a free flow of positive Feng Shui Energy.

Placing of Mirror- The house owner should not place two mirrors placing each other near the bed or house. You should hang the mirror that will bring the beauty of nature or scenery.

Scary art or images- Make sure that you keep yourself away from the images, paintings, strange antiques, pictures of war that can make you scared.

Cluttered Space- do not keep unnecessary things or items in your house, closets, or cabinets. Also, make sure that your kitchen sink or laundry should be neat and clean. Maintain a free flow of air in the house & for the flow of positive vibes, wind chimes on the entrances ensure the cash flow.

Fault in plumbing- There should be no drainage, leakage, or any other plumbing issues at your home as it reflects your health, personal hygiene, and financial situation of the house owners. Always Keep water bodies in the North-Eastern direction of your house symbolizes the flow of constructive energy.

Spiky plants and wilted flowers- One should always prefer natural and colorful flowers that will produce good positive energy instead of dead or prickly plants like cactus as they always produce negative energies.

Cracked dishes or mugs- One should never have or use broken or cracked dishes or mugs as they symbolize problems and failures in life and they should be replaced with the new ones as soon as possible. Fresh and new products always represent good wealth and family which need to be handled with care.

The entrance and doors of the house- The doors should not be painted with black color because they spread negative energies and bad luck all around the house. You can go for other options like dark shades for eg: brown, grey, etc. Since the main door is the entry for the energies in the house, so keep it clean and decorated for attracting wealth. All you need is a light, bright, open and positive entrance towards your house.

Light- As we all know that natural light can make us feel happier and more positive. Light has always been connected with wisdom, knowledge, positivity. So you should put bright and clear lights into your house in order to bring brightness to your life.

Colors for living room- According to Vastu and Feng shui that colors are linked with their elements. It is believed that only the real element have the capability to enhance the energy flow. Make sure while adding colors to the particular areas of your home should help in activating the linked elements. For eg: you can go for brown color for your living room instead of using real wooden furniture for enhancing the wood element.

Feng Shui House- By keeping feng shui items at its suitable place of your house can bring positive energy and good luck into your life. Don’t put feng shui decorative products anywhere you want as that will disturb the flow of good energy. Or you have another option that is Talk to Astrologer and it’s better to seek his/her advice for better and favorable results.

To create an aura of positivity and happiness in your home with the remedies that our expert astrologer has to offer, you can also consult online as per your comfort.

According to Feng Shui, your surroundings must be vibrant, personalized and lit up with positivity in order to invite great abundance, love, happiness, and good health into your life. You can consult an expert Vastu Shastra consultant in Delhi, Ms. Dimple Babbar. He is an expert in the field of Vedic Astrology and Vastu and has the biggest name in the field of Astrology owing to the number of laureates he has to his name.

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