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Transforming Your Home According To Vastu Shastra

A Complete Guide to Prosperity

Did you know that we can make use of Vastu remedies even in our living rooms? A room derived from Vastu Shastra houses all sorts of positive energies in our house, this leads us to attain joy and prosperity. The arrival of these energies are extremely beneficial for your family, they give rise to success and opportunities in your lives. Whether your house is from the past or recently made, it always consists of a gathering place.

It has extreme importance in each and every house. As the living room comes right after the entrance of the house, which makes it the gateway for positive energy or even negative energy to enter the house. That’s why utilizing Vastu Shastra could prove to be essential for you and with the ability to surf the internet you can easily learn Vastu online and you could even get in touch with a Vastu consultant.

Importance of Living Room Vastu

The living room is the place where visitors first step in and are greeted making it the place which needs to be incorporated with Vastu remedies. As the visitors who come in might not always exhibit positive energy and might be the source of negativity too.

So, what would happen when the people entering your living room possess negativity? It would start spreading throughout your house and also play a role in affecting your family negatively.

This kind of negativity possessed by the visitors can start influencing the members of your house too as they will be communicating with them while in the living room. This can lead to severe consequences in your life if your living room is not resembling those in Vastu Shastra. That’s why you should stick to Vastu remedies for the living room and follow only the steps mentioned in it.

How to make your living room Vastu compliment?

Shaping your living room according to Vastu Shastra is worth it for you and your family. Learning is as easy as it can be by learning about Vastu online or even getting in contact with a Vastu expert who specialize in this field. It’s a two-step process:

Step 1 – Finding a suitable location for establishing the living room. For example: if the living room is located in the North direction then it can prove to be good for the house but a living room in the south can attract loads of visitors.

Step 2 – It consists of many tips that you can implement and can lead your family to prosperity. Here are the tips which you can apply:

Some Vastu Tips:

Here we are listing some of the best Vastu tips for your living rooms recommended and verified by the best Vastu consultants out there.

  • The living room must always be in the North & East direction, not in the South or West direction
  • Creating the living room in the North-West direction has its benefits, it can prove to be helpful if you want to avoid late-night parties and don’t want your guest to stay much longer
  • If you are an atheist  then you should establish the living room in the North-East direction, as that is the place where God resides
  • A South-West direction can prove to be beneficial for you if you are the kind of person who enjoys long social engagements. It would prove effective in making your guests stay longer
  • The floor and the ceiling must always be sloped towards the East or North direction
  • If the door is placed in the North or East direction then it brings well being and productivity in life
  • If you are constantly lacking behind in the education field and not making any progress? Then the right thing for you to do is to place the entrance of your house to the West direction and you will start achieving your goals in no time.
  • Creating the living room’s entrance in the North-West can result in a rise in possibilities for your family’s betterment
  • Never build the entrance in the South direction; it can result in unfavorable circumstances. West direction is a better option
  • Heavy objects like furniture, etc. should be resided in the West or South direction of the living room. In case that kind of space is unavailable then a 1-3 inch gap must always be maintained between the objects and the North or North-East wall
  • Deciding about placing a television in your living room? Ensure that its placed in the South-East  corner (not the South-West corner) otherwise it will experience regular breakdowns
  • We prefer not to place the television in the North-West corner, it would tend to make your family members waste a lot of their time watching television only
  • The telephone is recommended to be placed in the East, North or South-East direction but not in the South-West 
  • The air cooler or air conditioner is recommended to be placed in the East, North or South-East direction but not in the South-West
  • As for the colors of the living room walls, we would suggest you use shades such as white, blue, light yellow or green. Never use red or black for this purpose
  • Interior decorative items like artificial flowers, dried flowers, cactus or bonsai plants must be avoided as they can lead to bad luck and have a bad influence on  your working life and income

Vastu Shastra tells us that we should not wait, and begin the process of transformation of our living room right away. Transforming your living room as mentioned in the Vastu remedies for the home will soon result in obtaining a healthy and prosperous future for you and your family. Learning Vastu online is simple and we ensure you that these Vastu tips for your living room will help you make your family’s future a much better one as it has done for many others. 

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