Vastu Shastra

Vaastu Shastra- Key to Happy and Healthy Life

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” —Mahatma Gandhi

“The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” -Nelson Mandela

“A house is made of bricks and beams. A home is made of hopes and dreams.”

A man travels the world over in search of what he needs, and returns home to find it. –George Moore

Vaastu Shastra is an architectural science from India’s Vedic tradition, everyone heard about Vaastu but unaware of the significance. Vaastu Shastra easy and simple techniques helps in transforming the four walled house into a dream home. The deep scientific and nature laws of Vaastu Shastra helps in maintaining harmony with directions, five elements and Universal energy fields for abundance of happiness, health and prosperity to flow in home. The best Vaastu tips under the guidance of Vaastu expert realigns the energy fields of the house and has the power to bring peaceful and wealthy living.

 The Vaastu Shastra guidelines direct the rules of building houses and right placement of objects in accordance with the 16 frequencies of directions which transforms the home into power point charger where the person gets refreshed and rejuvenates. Energy field inside the home become so powerful that mind, body and soul remain calm, focus and motivated in such a way that the control of our life is in our hands. Our conscious and sub conscious mind communicates and gathers information  with our 5 sense organs eyes,  ears, touch, smell and taste as each and every objects transmits energy. Elements and main directions

Everything in the Brahmaand or Universe is made of five elements – Space or Akash, Earth or Prithvi, Water, Air and fire. The cycle of creation.

Space- is the main element in which all galaxies, stars, planets and constellations lies and all other 4 elements work in it. It is gains and profits, support associated with West direction and signifies expansion, enhancement, connectivity, creation of new ideas and overall gains. Sense organ -Ears, colour -white and silverand shape – circle.

Earth – is the mother element gives everything we possess and aspire in life. It is assets, properties, wealth associated, South-West direction and centre. It signifies stability, balance and relationships. Sense organ – Nose, colour – Yellow and shape -square.

Water – element is liquid cash, opportunities associated with North direction and signifies flow, continuity, new ideas, clarity and healing .Sense organ – Tongue, colour – blue and shape – wavy

Air – element is social connections, work associated with East direction of Sun -the creator of life, without which no one can live for a minute. It signifies movement, brings joy, happiness, fun and refreshment. Sense organ – Skin, colour – green and shape – rectangle.

Fire – element is inflow of cash, laxmi kripa associated with South direction and signifies spark, zeal, passion and is the driving force to work with confidence. Sense organ- Eyes, colour -red and shape – triangle.

In Ancient India, Vaastu Shastra describes the principles of layout, architecture and designing with healthy relationship between ecology, solar energy and living beings. Maharishi Charaka, father of Ayurveda described that pain in the particular body part leads to cure of the disease. The Vaastu dosha or disruption in the element or misalignment of the zones of any direction put negative impact on behaviour, personality, growth -physically and mentally.

The Vaastu Shastra aims to enhance positive energy and helps in reaping best benefits in every aspect of life –

  Health and immunity

  Focus and clarity of mind

  Fun and recreation

  Career stability

  Financial prosperity

Improving relations and much more can be achieved with the Vaastu, we have to match the frequency of vibration which we want, not with the reality happening, this is pure science. Vaastu Shastra principles and application of scientifically approve ways will yield into positive results and resulting in realigning the energy fields to get desired results.

The simple and plausible Vaastu tips for happy, good and successful life from Ms Dimple Babbar, Vaastu expert-


Main door is the most important in the Vaastu of home or building, as it is the face of the building, just like our face which is the mirror of our personality. Main door is the link between the outer world and inner energies of home. The outer world represents conscious energies and our home energies represents sub conscious mind, so mind travels from conscious to subconscious energies of mind.

  1. Main door should be big as compared to other doors.
  2. Main entrance should be neat and clean, well decorated and well lit.
  3. Main door should open inside and hinges of the doors should be greased regularly so that positive energy should flow insude the home.
  4. Main entrance should not be empty as it represents loneliness, so décor the wall above the door with beautiful bandhanwar.
  5. Hang a   Lord Ganesha painting or idol for new beginnings and good luck for home.
  6. Hang wind chimes on the main door, every time tingling sound cleans and vibrates the energy around the main door and fills the space with positive and vibrant energy.It acts as a magnet to attract happiness and wealth.
  7. Place Tulsi plant on the main entrance for healthy and positive energy.


The good health is the vital factor in every person’s life. The most important is the air element ie oxygen for survival.

The Israel Research center conducted HBOT – Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy has found can improve brain function, alzhiemer patients and chronic diseases cerebral palsy. In HBOT, patient breathe oxygen at various concentrations through a mask inside a pressure chamber to stimulate healing. Medical researchers are conducting so many studies that high oxygen level can improve health conditions.

This can be done so simply and easily by keeping indoor plants in the home.

  1. Keep indoor plants  which are highly auspicious for home emits oxygen 20 hrs a day – Jade plant, Areca palm, Money plant, Snake plant, Bamboo plant, Gerbera plant, Spider plant and many more.
  2. Keep NE direction and Brahmasthan, neat and clean. The windows should be in even numbers and open them for free flow of air and Sun light for flow of wealth.
  3. Keep the drinking water or water bodies like small fountain or metal Urli filled with water in North direction which attract new opportunities and money.
  4. Keep medicines of a sick person in NNE ie North North East direction and he /she should sleep in North direction room for early and quick recovery.
  5. While sleeping, head should be in the South direction of relaxation.
  6. Avoid mirrors in the South, South -West direction and WNW direction of the room and in front of the bed.
  7. Kitchen is the main source of nutrition for good health and harmony, it should be in SE, West and NW direction.
  8. Place picture of Dhanvantari God of medicine or Swastika or Om symbol in NE direction for good health. It protects from evil eye and sudden health troubles at home.
  9. Do meditation in the NE direction for clarity of mind and spiritual growth.
  10. Place Pyramids in the auspicious direction N, NE, EAST, SE, S, SW, WEST or NW for balancing and removing Vaastu doshas of home


  1. Hang a Sri Yantra in golden frame on the West wall of living room or West direction of home. Adding golden colour in the home bring in abundance of wealth.
  2. Place a blue vase with fresh flowers in North direction.
  3. Hang a painting of Sun rise or Brass Sun on the Eastern wall above 7 feet for recognition in society and good social connections.
  4. Keep metal safe with valuables and cash in the West direction facing North direction or piggy bank in the West direction?
  5. Daily light a desi ghee lamp in the SE direction for blessings of Goddess Laxmi.
  6. Avoid leakage of taps and pipes, repair it immediately for avoiding financial loss.
  7. Keep the home neat and clean, do not keep defective watches, electronics, broken utensils, vases, old clothes, and time to time donate or discard old things from the home.
  8. Do not keep shoes under the bed.
  9. Do not keep broom in standing position.
  10. Keep North and NE direction open and light, do not keep heavy objects or big almirahs there.

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  1. North and West are Ideal directions for children study room according to Vaastu Shastra.
  2. Keep study table in WSW direction or North direction in such a way that children should face East direction while studying.
  3. Keep space between Study table and wall to ensure flow of energy.
  4. Keep pen stand in the WSW direction to enhance writing skills.
  5. Ideal zone for computers, electronic gadgets for studies, e-books is NE, East, SE, South and WSW directions.
  6. Avoid SSW, ESE, WNW direction for study room or study table as their hardwork will go waste.
  7. Inspirational quotes or painting in the study room for continuous motivation.
  8. Avoid dark colours in the study room.
  9. Enhance confidence in children by keeping his/her picture in brown frame in SSE direction.
  10. Head of the children should be in South direction of relaxation so that he/she retains the knowledge acquired and recall when required.


  1. Happy and memorable family pictures in SW direction for healthy relationship.
  2. Keep sea salt in the bowl in every toilet and change the sea salt every week.
  3. Light aroma candles and incense sticks in bedroom to maintain the zeal and passion.
  4. Love birds in the SW direction of the bedroom for love and happiness.
  5. Couples should avoid SE, SSE, WNW and SSW rooms as it will lead to conflicts, depression and anxiety.
  6. Every day play devotional songs or mantras to energise the home and convert negative energy of home into positive energy.
  7. Never keep artificial flowers at home it will bring coldness and standstill in the relationships.
  8. Keep yellow colour Vase in SW direction for stability and stop unnecessary expenditure.
  9. The pastel pink, peach, light yellow or cream white colours are best for bedrooms, these colours add love, bonding and happiness.
  10. Avoid computers and TV in the bedroom as it emits radiation which causes stress and health issues.
  11. Keep Crystals in the bedroom and home as it absorbs the bad energy and bring in happiness and joy.

Keep Rose quartz in each room of the home to bring harmony and love in every relationships. Black Tourmaline in the living room as it protects from evil eye and gives security.

The alignments and arrangements of items in the home under the guidance of Vaastu Expert can bring windfall of success, growth, stability and wealth .These are the golden Vaastu tips by Mrs Dimple Babbar FPT Vaastu expert for physical, mental, spiritual and monetary gains. Vaastu Shastra tips are very easy to implement and scientifically proven .Live your life Vaastu way, get benefitted with our ancient science of architecture and energize your home with blissful and exuberant life.

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