Spruce up your Living Room with Feng Shui Tips!

The living room of the house is considered the most important part of the home because all the special events take place there only. It is the place where you like to spend some quality time with your friends, family, relatives doing fun activities, chatting, watching T.V, etc. However, for this to happen- one should have proper spacing and comfort whilst using each piece of furniture that is present in the living room. The bright & cheery space must be accessible by everyone with no negative energy present. However, with so much to pay attention to, making your living room spacious and elegant takes a village! 

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Using Feng Shui to Amp Up the Living Room

Chinese Feng Shui is the only way to bring peace and happiness to your house. The proper flow and management of energy in the home is called ‘Chi’ which can be a useful way to achieve a harmonious and organized living space by proper furniture placement. Feng Shui is based on the principles of “Chi” or “Energy”. The flow of positive energy in Vastu Shastra holds great importance in the life of an individual. Vastu Shastra contains five elements which are- fire, water, earth, ether, and air.

The living room is the main part of the house as it represents the whole home or it can also be considered the small version of the whole home’s footprint which should be attractive in look to the guest, relatives, or friends. A living room is a space where everyone spends their quality of time with their family, friends, or relatives. That’s why it is important to create a balanced atmosphere and vibes in the room. The perfect spacing of furniture and well-nourished Living room brings your family and friends together who share laughs, and joy. So, it should be arranged in a way that it automatically invites good energy movement, compatibility, and family harmony. 


Feng Shui tips and tricks for Furniture Arrangement

  • To have a Conversational arrangement of furniture in your living room, then you should place your chairs and sofas by facing one another at the right angles to each other.  
  • This encourages togetherness which also enhances the bond between all the family members, that’s why the seating area should be in a perpendicular to the fireplace or Television.
  • To move energy and positive vibes in the whole living room, the furniture should be placed in the right direction which helps the natives to attain prosperity, harmony, etc. 
  • The Furniture of the living room should be kept back facing towards the door.
  • You can take advice from Mrs. Dimple Babar, the Best Astrologer of India if you are facing any difficulty in your life.  
  • Try to keep all the important furniture in the command position facing towards the door that can help the native in career prospects. 
  • If your place is not allowing you to keep the chairs, then you can place a mirror opposite to the main door, so that you can see who enters the room. 
  • For the bedroom, the place where people take rest, make themselves comfortable after a long hectic day. 
  • The bed should have good, solid support from behind so that it can help you in improving your health, sleep, and sound. 
  • The Bedroom should be made in a square or rectangular shape as it stands for stability which also gives you a sense of comfort because the irregular shape will not allow the balanced flow of energy. 
  • Be careful with the placing of the bed as it should not be on the same wall as a toilet, shower, tub, or sink as it is unauspicious. 
  • The energy(Chi) needs a clear pathway to flow its positive vibes. Make sure to leave a gap between the wall and furniture. 

Lesser-Known Benefits of Feng Shui 

  • Chinese Feng Shui is the easiest way to improve the aura of your living area by harmonizing its energy flow. 
  • The other aspect of Feng Shui is- Balance. Feng Shui can attract positive energy (Chi) as it’s all about bringing good wealth and opportunities in the life of an individual.
  • The proper placing of the furniture not only brings you the positive flow of energy, wealth and peace that can eradicate all the evil vibes. 
  • If the furniture of the house is placed in the wrong position, then it might affect your family’s health and even make you suffer unexpected financial losses.
  • So it’s better to seek expert advice before placing the furniture in your home or office for your own benefit. 

As per the rules of Feng Shui, one should always keep his/her surroundings clean, vibrant, glorious and comfortable in order to get positivity. This would enable you with great abundance, love, happiness, and good health in life. In case you are looking for an expert who could guide you better, you can consult Energy Vastu Expert Mrs. Dimple Babar. Termed the Best Vastu Consultant Online, he has helped thousands create bright & beautiful living spaces, along with commercial & industrial spaces.

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