Planets and Remedies


Can remedies change our destiny? – a Big question,

Whether remedies work or not.The concept of remedies depends on faith and trust.

              “Man is made by his belief,

                As he believes so he is”        

                                                      Bhagvad Gita

Destiny is very big force can be changed by the GOD who is the writer of destiny or by the native through path of spiritualism and good karmas. Savitri brought back her husband Satyawan from the clutches of God of Death-Yamraaj by her strong faith and determination.

Our Vedas have shown the path of enlightenment and knowledge. Lord Brahma, Lord Krishna, Lord Shiva, Hanuman, Devarishi Narada, Devaguru Brihaspati, Daitya guru Shukracharaya, Maharishi Parashar, Maharishi Jaimini, Dattatreya, Maharishi Vashishtha and other able Saints, Yogies, Seers and Sages have recommended several methods and remedial measures to change destiny, to solve specific problem, to cure diseases,to get desired results in spiritual and materialistic field.

DAS-MAHAVIDYA is the ten aspects of Adi Shakti as ten cosmic personalities. Divine mother Sati transforms into Mahavidyas to guide, protect and saves the creation.

One of these Ten Goddesses can be worshipped to satiate the malefic impact of a specific planet.



Sun                Goddess Matangi

Moon             Goddess Bhuvaneswari

Mars              Goddess Baglamukhi

Mercury        Goddess Tripursundari

Jupiter           Goddess Tara

Venus             Goddess Kamla

Saturn             Goddess Kali

Rahu                Goddess Chhinnamasta

Ketu                 Goddess Dhumavati

Lagna               Goddess Tripurbhairavi

These Goddesses can be worshipped by reciting their mantras, strotras or by chanting their names.        

Maharishi Parashara is considered  the Father of Vedic Astrology. He has contributed authentic view on remedial measure. He has taught that based on the effect of planets, Lord Vishnu has reincarnated in different avatars to protect and sustain creation. Parasara has given the name of deities of the planets.



Sun                 Sri Rama                                          Agni(Fire)

Moon             Sri Krishna                                       Jala(Water)

Mars               Sri Narasimha                                 Skanda(Kartikeya)

Mercury         Sri Buddha                                      Vishnu

Jupiter             Sri Vamana                                   Indra

Venus               Sri Parasurama                            Shachi Devi

Saturn              Sri Koorma                                    Brahma

Rahu                 Sri Varaha

Ketu                   Sri Matsya

lagna                  Sri Kalkin

Maharishi Jaimini  developed his own system called Jaimini Astrology. He has listed different Dieties to worship to overcome the malefic impact of planet.



Sun                         Shiva

Moon                      Gauri

Mars                       Skand

Mercury                  Vishnu

Jupiter                     Sambasiva

Venus                       Lakshmi

Saturn                     Narayana

Rahu                        Durga

Ketu                         Ganpati

Lal Kitab is simpler  form of Vedic Astrology and is said to be written in Persian/Urdu. In Lal Kitab, the practical and easy remedies and specific God or Goddesses can be worshipped to satiate the ill effects of planetand past life karma.


PLANET                           DIETY

Sun                                Vishnu

Moon                            Shiva

Mars                              Hanuman

Mercury                        Durga

Jupiter                           Brahma

Venus                             Laxmi

Saturn                            Bhairava

Rahu                               Saraswati

Ketu                               Ganesh

These are different name of  Dieties of the planets to worship by performing different types of puja. Guru Shishya Parampara has been followed by our Sages to worship and chant specific mantras of God.  It is well said in our mythological books that “Guru Bina Gata Nahi” means taking  deeksha from Sidha Guru or Yogi, takes away all the paap karmas and disciple gets the rebirth. The good karmas of the native becomes active in shaping his own destiny.

Another way is to take astrological advice. An eminent astrologer  after analyzing the horoscope, forewarns the native about favorable and unfavorable periods. He would recommends the particular God or Goddess to be worshipped for  specific planet to enhance health, wealth and wisdom. ALMIGHTY IS THE SUPREME POWER.

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