Manglik Dosh and 10 Most Effective Remedies

In Hindu marriages, Manglik Dosh is the first important dosh taken into consideration.

Let us understand how does Manglik Dosh is formed? This dosh is formed when the placement of Mars in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7t, 8th and 12th   in natal chart from ascendant or moon sign of a native. The malefic effects of planet Mars are seen in the life of native. But why? This question arises so first of all we have to understand the planet Mars.

Mars is a red fiery planet signifies energy both positive and negative so its energy needs to release through actions and physical means. Mars acts on extreme either soft like wax or hard like stone. It gives driving force to achieve success in life. Planet Mars placement is very important as it acts benefic planet in 3rd, 5th, 6th, 9th, 10th and 11th houses  in natal chart from ascendant. Positive Mars makes the native saintly fighter with high values and justice, ambitious, truthfulness, determination and confidence.

     Mars acts as malefic planet in 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th house in natal chart from ascendant or moon sign which is termed as Mangalik dosh. Negative Mars makes the native violent, aggressive, argumentative, timid, pervert and unnatural behavior. It gives hurdles, setbacks, financial losses, accidents, surgeries, delayed marriages, divorces and professional troubles. There is a fierce energy in the native which turns the person destructive. These are some ill effects of mangalik dosh.

The good thing is that ill Mangalik dosh can be mitigated or neutralized, if remedies are done before or after marriage religiously. These remedies to be done after consulting expert astrologer after analyzing the personal chart of the native.

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Commonly recommended remedies for Mangal dosh are:

  1. The native is advised to get married after 28 yrs of age as it is believed that intensity of Mangal dosh is reduced and native becomes more mature.
  2. Marriage between two Mangaliks individuals, where both suffer from same dosh .Since two negative makes one positive, this is the commonly recommended remedy by an expert astrologer.
  3. Ghat Vivah or Kumbh Vivah –The native is made to marry a sacred pot.

Vishnu Vivah –Marriage with the idol of Lord Vishnu.

Peepal tree – Marriage with a Peepal or Banyan tree or Ark.

After performing any one of the ceremonies, the bride and groom are allowed to marry each other. This is usually recommended when the mangal dosh is severe.

  1. Fasting on Tuesdays – in Sravana month. Place Goddess Parvati idol in puja ghar and everyday recite Mangala Chandrika Strotra. This will slowly reduce the ill effects of Mangal dosh.
  2. Chanting Bhaum Gayatri Mantra atleast one rosary a day for 21 days and offer Besan burfi, coconut and 2.5mtr red cloth in Hanuman mandir. Native shall restart chanting of mantra again and perform the rituals. This is another simple remedy to lessen the effect of Mangal dosh.
  3. Visiting Hanuman mandir on every Tuesday and fasting reduces the extra energy of Mangal eternally.
  4. Place Mangal yantra well activated and energized in puja ghar and pray to Lord Ganesha who is the great savior. Chant “Om Gan Ganpataye Namah” mantra minimum one rosary a day. By doing so native is relieved from the bad influence of Mangal dosh.
  5. A native is advised to wear coral gem embedded in silver to make good use of energy.
  6. Take sweet chapatti or red lentil, jaggery or Besan barfi or Besan laddoos. Feed same to poor people and cows on Tuesdays.
  7. Recite Sunder Kand Paath on every Tuesdays on regular basis to get free from the clutches of ill effect of Mangal dosh.

These are the common remedies which are highly effective to reduce malefic effects of Mangalik dosh. Trust on Almighty and good Karmas are the key to change fate and destiny.

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