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Financial Growth with Vastu Remedies

If we command our wealth, we shall be rich and free. 

 If our wealth commands us, we are poor indeed.

                                                                        Edmund Burke.

You must gain control over money, or the lack of it will forever control you

                                                                          Dave Ramsey.

Money is multiplied in practical value depending on, the number of W’s you control in your life. What you do, when you do it, where you do it and with whom you do it.



Vastu Shastra is scientific way of living with the nature and get maximum benefits of the cosmic energies. The human mind works according to the information gathered by the five senses eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin. Simple remedies works as the formulators of the conscious mind and inner mind.

When the remedies are placed in the work place it activates the earth powers to generate the desired goals and our inner mind gets programmed from these energies, start giving the direction to manifest desired results. Financial growth is must for sustenance in this materialistic world.

Money is paper made from wood that is fire element and SE direction is zone of cash inflow if this zone has blue or black colour then it will blocks the cash inflow. Vastu Shastra helps in balancing the five elements of cycle of creation and Universal energies to get healthy wealthy and prosperous living.

The Finance management and inflow of money is the core of business. Each and every small scale business or small vendors or shopkeepers depend on cash inflow, payments and Big businesses or big brands have their own strategy for finances.

New projects or new startups require funding or loans from the banks or financial institutions. For faster growth, expansion, recognition and branding of business.

First of all NE direction should be balanced by placing golden Swastika for better clear vision and to take right decisions at right time. When your thought process is strong and efficient it will give heights in life.

In Big Businesses and Companies, according to Vastu Shastra Professional Department in right direction increases the productivity and result in large gains. Here are some tips for interiors, colours, location of the cabin.

  1. Senior Professionals for Planning for an organisation sit in NE direction or make Conference Hall for meetings.
  2. Sales Professionals Workstations in East direction and avoid Yellow and Grey colours in this direction.
  3. Marketing Professionals for Branding of the company in South direction. Use Maroon or Brown colour in their cabin.
  4. Management Professionals in West direction for executing the plans and turning into profits
  5. Accounts department for financial expertise and daily check of in flow of money in SE direction.
  6. Owner in WSW or South West direction for excellent results in terms of stability, steady growth and enhancement of skills.

 Simple guidelines of Vastu Shastra can transform the Vastu of the Shop or Showroom to increase the capacity to more and more customers and sales of the product. Establish a strong brand in the market.

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Vastu tips for Small Shops or Showrooms –

  1. Main Entrance of the Showroom or Shop is most important factor for the success of the business. Right placement of entrance gate ensures the level of growth because it is connection between outside cosmic energies and the energies that exist within the shop or showroom.
  2. Colour of the hoarding of the shop should be in harmony with the facing of the direction of shop. If shop is North facing then Blue or Black colour hoarding will attract more and more customers.
  3. Day today cash counter should be in SE direction. The cash counter will be always full of cash.
  4. Display of items or mannequin should be placed in the NNW direction so that customers get attracted and can’t resist to buy.
  5. Light Perfumed candles in the SE direction to attract and enhance the inflow of cash.

Contact FPT Vastu Experts for multiplying the growth of your business and flourish as a No.1 brand in your specific field. These are the some Vastu tips for financial management in the work place.

  1. In Vastu Shastra, North-West (NW) direction is the main direction of financial support from banks or financial institutions, so for new establishment of businesses or any startups, NW direction should be neat and clean.
  2. There should not be any toilet in the NW direction, as it will block the support, finance and increases the debts.
  3. NW direction signifies the Space element and some Earth element, is the medium of connectivity, expansion, enhancement, support physical, emotional and financial. Avoid   Green colour and Red colour in this direction   otherwise it will block the support of everyone.
  4. Grey colour and white colour in NW and   Blue colour in North   shall bring more harmony in employees and create a positive work culture in the office or business place to achieve the desired goals and targets.
  5. The North direction is the direction of opportunities and attract more, new ventures, big clients. Place Lord Kuber idol for in North direction to enhance the fortune and luck for abundance of wealth.
  6. Place Money plants or fresh flowers Orchids in Blue Vase in North direction in the work place attracts new orders, customers and every meeting shall get fructify.
  7. For Branding of the Company or Business, Hang the   Pair of Red Horses in South direction for steady growth of company or business.
  8. There are Specific Yantras for financial growth and stability.

 Contact our FPT experts to get personalised Vastu consultancy for new business or Established business for faster growth and recognition.

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