Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Predictions – 16th to 23rd Oct 2020

Read your forecast from ascendant sign (Lagna). Ascendant sign is calculated from your birth details that is date, month, year, time and place of birth. If you don’t know your ascendant sign, you can contact our astrologer to know the same. Those who do not know their time of birth should read forecast from their moon sign. The prediction from moon sign are partially accurate and restricted to 75%. The accuracy of predictions from Sun sign is 25% only whereas the forecast from Lagna sign is 100% accurate.


The week begins with the lot of accomplishment of work in 2 days, but keep your mind occupied with difference of opinion with parents and with your spouse. Keep your temper under control and advised to drive slowly on 18th and 19th one or the tensions and unnecessary expenses shall keep you occupied. From 20th onwards you shall start getting results of your hard work. End of the week shall bring good news in your professional front but children and personal life shall bring mental worries.


First day of the week, shall keep you energetic and full of enthusiasm in travel and outings with children and family. On 17th, 18th    keep yourself calm and peaceful ,avoid hot arguments and take care of your health especially cold, cough ,fever  and expenses shall remain high .20th and 21stwill bring happiness and desires in personal life. 22 and 23 bring sudden gains and you are likely to get favour of destiny and influential people. .


The beginning of the week is auspicious for general happiness, progress of children. There shall be lot of activity in the love life .Next two days are indicating worries and tensions related to expenses and family will be there. By the end of the week you will get support of your partners, new associates and your spouse which bring happiness and relief.


The main concern of the week will family, parents and children. You will spend good time with them.19th and 20th will bring difference of opinion in terms of expenses with your family and concern for children .In the next two days you will get happiness from your children and the problems are likely to get resolved.


The beginning of the week will bring social gatherings and get together with your loved ones. Next two days will keep you in low spirits and tensions about the health of the mother, property and vehicle related issues .But in the later week love is in the air, domestic happiness, fun and entertainment. End of the week will keep you busy in short travels and outings related to work.


The week starts with the expenses on family, children and house hold items. Uncontrolled expenses shall be the main concern, keep your temper under control, and avoid hot arguments with spouse and partners. 21st and 22nd will bring happiness at home with your family, children will make you proud by the end of the week .


The first three days of the week are good for your personality development and bring sophistication

In the behaviour. Your self-confidence and energy level shall be recognised in the work area .Next two days will bring sudden tensions, worries in family and from colleagues. Make sure don’t trust anyone blindly. But you shall regain your confidence and get favour of your friends, co-associates. End of the week will bring relaxation at home.


Beginning of the week will be completely busy in outings, purchasings household items, for children and entertainment. Next two days will bring mood swings after busy hectic schedule .you shall spend time for rejunvating and relaxation of your mind .Last two days of the week, you are again ready for the celebration, joy and enjoyment with your family.


The week will bring luck and fortune and inflow of money shall remain on higher side. Next two days will not be good for taking any decisions so keep patience. End of the week will bring new enthusiasm and energy .Investment in property or vehicle will be auspicious for you. You will enjoy with your family and children.


Starting of the week will bring obstacles in your job and business .Difference of opinion with the partner or bosses is indicated. Worries related to children and in love life which shall give mood swings. You will get the full support of your spouse which will not let your confidence go down. You will get relieved from worries and hectic schedule by the end of the week.


16, 17, 18 indicates social get together with your family and keep you busy with your siblings. Next two days take care of your health, take rest and keep yourself calm. 21, 22 will bring happiness and enjoyment with friends. You will get monetary gains from your colleagues, friends and your job.


The beginning of the week will bring difference of opinion and setbacks in partnership, spouse and love life. Personal issues will be headache for you. 19, 20 will be good in professional front but personal issues shall keep you in low moods. 21, 22, 23 will bring auspicious results in getting recognition and favours in job or business. You will get happiness from children and get little relief from personal matters.


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