Top 10 Special Vastu Care tips for pregnant women

‘It is the most powerful creation to have life growing inside you. There is no bigger gift’ – Beyonce                   

‘A miracle is really the only way to describe motherhood and giving birth. It’s unbelievable how God has made us women and babies to endure and be able to do so much. A miracle indeed such an incredible blessing.’ – jennie flinch

Pregnancy is the most important time in life of a woman to experience the motherhood as soon as she comes to know that she is pregnant.Despite of all pains of pregnancy and birth there is remarkable change in a woman to be mother, which brings immense joy coupled with excitement. Our Vedic Science, Astrologers and Vastu consultants have mentioned numerous customs and care tips for pregnant women. During pregnancy period women have a special status of Mother Angel and receive extra care and love from everyone. In temples, gurdwaras she gets double prashad for duo and in Baby Shower or Goud Bharayi gets blessings ,gifts and love from all family members ,relatives and friends.


Pregnancy is known as gestation, is the time during which one or more offspring develops inside a women Uterus. Pregnancy is divided into three trimesters each lasting for 3 months.

First trimester includes conception and when the sperm fertilizes the egg in the uterus and it begins to form embryo. First trimester is crucial and requires extra care and caution.

Second trimester baby body parts and organs begin to form and during middle of trimester the movement of feotus may be felt. Prenatal care improves the pregnancy outcomes.

Third trimester baby start gaining weight and Nutrition, medical and nursing care recommended during full pregnancy and the birth of a child gives joyous moment… precious gift of child.

Vastu Shastra helps in making our home heaven with the right usage of continuous flowing energies of Universe ,Sun …creator of life and all directions in harmony with five elements of cycle of creation .Everything in the Universe is made of 5 elements water, air, fire, earth and space(ether),our body also made of these 5 elements. If the elements in the nature and our house are balanced and in harmony then person will enjoy all aspects of life that is health, relationships, social networking, reputation, confidence, relaxation, gains, profits, support and opportunities. Vastu Shastra gives tips and remedies to transform our home to dream home.

How Vastu tips work in home and our mind?

Our conscious mind gathers the information through our five senses, eyes, ears, touch, smell and taste from the conscious energies of Vastu remedies through colours, paintings, symbols which  stimulate the natural power of Earth energies in home and begin the process of fulfilment of desires

Pregnancy period is very important and crucial period for a couple so following the Vastu tips ensures the healthy and safe pregnancy period.


  1. Balance of five Elements of home and to maintain balance of the five elements in the body of pregnant women  for good health can be done by these simple ways ….

Water Element – Direction- North

  Flavour – Salty

  Senses – Tongue

  Colour – Blue

Life without water is impossible as it is responsible for evolution of life.It represents emotions of life.

Water element can be balanced with keeping Sacred Water kalash in North direction of the home.

Pregnant women should keep herself hydrated by drinking adequate amount of water and juices.


Direction – East

Flavour – Sour

Senses – Touch

Colour – Green

Air is the life force energy ie prana vayu with which we are alive .It represents movement in life.

Air element can be balanced at home by keeping Air purifier indoor plants like Snake plant, Bamboo plant, money plant, flamingo lily or lady palm inside the home but not in the bedroom except snake plant which gives oxygen at night also.

Pregnant women should do pranayaam regularly and Wear green colour outfits.


Direction – South-East

Flavour – Spicy

Senses – Eyes

Colour – Red

Fire element is the digestive power which transforms the food into energy, warmth and vitality .It gives realty and sense of clarity.

Fire element can be balanced by lighting Red bulb or lamp in the Southeast direction of home.

Pregnant women should put Red vermilion tilak at her forehead or tie raksha sutra (red mouli) in right hand.


Direction – Southwest

Flavour – Sweet

Senses – Smell

Colour – Yellow.

Earth Element represents solidity, stability and security. It creates appearance in shape and size.

Earth Element can be balanced by hanging yellow colour painting, or paint the Southwest wall of the home.

Pregnant women should walk on grassy area bare foot to keep her grounded.


Direction – West

Flavour – Bitter

Senses – Hear

Colour – White

Space element is the subtle of all elements. It creates space for all the elements to fill .In the formation of embryo it is ether element responsible for allowing change and growth to take place. Space element can be balanced by hanging metal wind chimes in the West Direction of home.

Pregnant women to hear chanting of mantras and recite ‘Om’ mantra 11 times a day.

  1. Meditate and light yoga exercises in North East- NE room or area is the direction health, immunity and clarity of mind. Early morning regular yoga and exercise in NE room where Sunrays produce serotonin hormone which will rejuvenate the pregnant women with joy and good health.
  2. Environment in the home should be calm, peaceful and keep the home organised and clutter free.
  3. Use the West Direction room or Southwest direction room for safe and healthy pregnancy period.
  4. Use the pastel colour blue, white, ivory or light yellow paints in the room of pregnant women which increases the positivity and healing powers.
  5. Keep baby krishna eating makhan idol or painting in the ESE direction of the room of pregnant women.
  6. Hang Brass Sun in the Eastern Wall of your home .Sun and soul are connected gives vital energy, warmth, refreshment and steady growth to the baby inside the womb.
  7. Place Tortoise in the living room of the home in water bowl on floor so that it faces North direction. It increases good luck, longevity and clear energy blockages of the home.
  8. Decorate your home with fresh flowers so that fragrance of flowers give calmness and refreshing atmosphere in the home.
  9. Place Laughing Buddha with kids around it in the living area it will bring prosperity and happiness at home.


  1. Do not sleep under beam.
  2. Never place a mirror in the bedroom facing pregnant women bed.
  3. Do not place Bonsai plants and cactus plants in the home as it represents retarded growth.
  4. Avoid Southeast direction rooms in first trimester as it is zone of fire.
  5. Avoid restrooms under stairs to avoid negativity.
  6. Do not keep electronic gadgets in the room of pregnant women as it releases electromagnetic radiation which is harmful for health can lead to miscarriage.
  7. Do not keep paintings or scriptures depicting war scenes or crying babies or wild animals as it creates negativity and gloominess in the home.
  8. Avoid bright and dark colours of clothes, wall paint or bedsheets during last trimester of pregnancy as it gives the risk of behavioural or psychological problems in new born baby.

Our best Astrologers and Vastu experts suggest that with Vastu tips one should perform astrological remedies to get the auspicious results.

Astrological Remedies for Healthy pregnancy and child birth

  1. Recite Santan Gopal mantra Bal Gopal -lord krishna for 108 times a day on Tulsi mala. Blesses and protect the expecting mother and child from all kinds of mishaps and evil eyes.

“ऊं श्रीं ह्रीं क्लीं ग्लौ देवकीसुत गोविन्द वासुदेव जगत्पते देसि में तन-मन कृष्ण त्वामहं शरणं गतः।“

  1. Visit Radha Krishna temple and offer silver flute to kanhaji with Bhog prashad on Thursday. Bless the couple with intelligent and healthy baby.

These are some best AstroVastu tips to ensure healthy pregnancy period and safe birthing. For personalized service please contact our F.P.T expert Astrologers and Vastu Consultant. Stay Blessed.

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