Mercury or Budh Planet – The Power of Communication

Other names: Budh, Saumya

Playfulness, childish behaviour but good business and financial acumen coupled with finesse in writing and oratory skills are associated with this young planet. A natural lord of the third and sixth house in the Kaal Purush kundali and signification of the tenth house in your horoscope is best placed in the fourth house.


Mercury was born as a result of an illegitimate relationship between the Moon and Tara, Guru Brihaspati’s wife. She is a star, beautiful, virtuous and charming. Moon being a romantic, in a negative state of mind, got attracted to her. Tara too enjoyed his attention as he was charming and good looking unlike her boring and serious husband. She eloped with him. Dev Brihaspati took the help of other devtas but couldn’t get her back. Moon in a good state of mind gave Tara back to dev Brihaspati but by then she was expecting Mercury. She disclosed his lineage to her husband who forgave her and agreed to take care of Mercury or Budh.


Pancavimsa Brahmana is an ancient text where Budh is mentioned as a celestial body. He is mentioned in some other texts too but not connected to astrology. He is connected to Lord Vishnu in some of our ancient scriptures. The Puranas have varied stories of Budh. He is shown as the son of Tara (Guru Brihaspati’s wife) and Moon and some texts as a progeny of Rohini (Moon’s favourite wife) and Moon.

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Budh in Vedic astrology represents the celestial prince, a child. It does not have a gender but is a neuter planet. He thus behaves like one and therefore is easily influenced by other planets who are conjunct with him or aspect him. Therefore malefic planets can very easily add their maleficence to it. As the name suggests it signifies buddhi or intelligence which is a combination of wisdom or gyan of Jupiter and mind of Moon. Mercury treats Moon as his enemy and Jupiter as neutral, the reason we can understand from the story. These stories are not to be taken literally but to be used to understand the behavioural pattern of the planets in Vedic astrology. What an interesting and intelligent way our rishis used to convey the message.

Attributes or blessings…

A strong Mercury in the horoscope blesses us with good communication skills, reasoning, intelligence, logic, reading, writing and oratory skills. It ensures strong lungs, healthy skin and nervous system. Good business and financial management are a result of a strong Budh.

It symbolises areas related to commerce, trade, accounts, banking, mobile, networking. Budh also controls the works related to telephone, telegraphs, e-mails, couriers. A well placed strong Mercury is seen in the horoscope of writers, actors, astrologers, media persons, mathematicians, chartered accountants, dealers, brokers and businessmen. Many known artists and salespersons also possess good Budh or Mercury in their horoscope. A good Mercury in your horoscope or if it is your Lagnesh, or aspecting your Lagan makes you looks younger than your real age.

Special information…

Day associated with the planet is Wednesday.

Direction: North

Colour: Dark Green, Light Green

Orbit Time: Each Zodiac Sign: One Month

Nature: Dual

Nakshastra connected to it: Ashlesha, Jyeshtha, Revati

Stone: Green emerald

Friendly planters: Venus and Sun

Enemy planet: Moon

Mercury usually moves in close proximity to the Sun and Venus. Therefore Sun manages to combust it often.

Usually planets go retro when they are far from the Sun but Mercury and Venus are two planets that can be combust and retro at the same time. By combust we mean losing some of its power.

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Signs connected to Mercury…

Mercury rules over two signs of the zodiac, Gemini and Virgo. Budh is exalted in Virgo at 15 degrees thus giving best results and debilitated in Pisces. Here inspite of its debilitation if the Jupiter is strong and well placed then this placement of Mercury gives the person intelligence with knowledge; qualities representing Metcury and Jupiter in the same order.

Deities or Gods…

Deities connected to Mercury are Lord Ganesha and Lord Vishnu. Praying to them helps us receive the positive results of this planet imperative to any kind of success in our lives. Offering durva or a type of green grass to Lord Ganesha is one of the simplest ritual you can follow to enhance your Budh. Chanting Ganapathi mantras and Vishnu Sahasranama too are instrumental in the same direction. Donation of green grass to cows, green lentils and green cloth are done to reduce the negative effects of the planet if any. Welcoming Ganesha on Ganesh Chaturthi in your house and keeping him for one and a half days to complete ten days too enhances our Mercury energy and gives positive results.

Good yogas that Mercury forms in our horoscope…

Mercury along with the Sun forms the Budh Aditya yog that gives fame, success, money and intellect. When in kendra houses in its own Rashi that is Gemini or Virgo which is also its Mooltrikona or ucch rashi, it forms the Bhadra Yog. It gifts the native with many attributes like good education, luck, wealth.

Last but not the least…

Mahadasa of Mercury has a duration of 17 years. In this time period, one can observe changes in the level of intelligence, creativity, communication skills, management skill, speech, depending on the placement and lordship of the planet in one’s horoscope. One can be drawn towards learning and gaining knowledge in any field. Progress in career is a possibility with increase in progressive ideas and improved writing skills.

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Written by Ms. Shalini Modi

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