Kundli Milan for Marriage

Kundali Milan For Marriage – Never ignore  6 Important Factors

In Hindus, marriages are considered to be one of the most important life event of the Bride and Groom. In Arranged marriages, before tying a knot Kundali matching or Matchmaking is done to avoid uncordial and unhappy married life. Kundali Milan or Match making is the process of analyzing the horoscopes of to be bride and groom. In Vedic astrology, our Sages have designed a mechanism Ashtakoot Milan, which is the most popular match making method in India.

Ashtakoot Milan is the method in which matching is done on the basis of Janam Nakshatras of to be bride and groom. In Ashtakoot Milan- 8 parameters are considered and a total of 36 points are allotted though not proportionately. This is the basic rule to match the horoscopes.

The following eight parameters are considered between the boy and girl:


This Koota describes the working style and spirituality aspect between the couples.

Here the 12 Zodiac signs are divided into 4 categories-

BRAHMIN- They work with convenience.

KSHATRIYAS- They put influence on others and get their work done.

VAISHYAS- They work only for earning money.

SHUDRAS- They work only under pressure.

The maximum allotted marks is 1, the Varna of the Groom should be either equal or superior to that of their partner. Else no points are allotted.


This Koota describes the nature of the bride and groom with each other, who will remain under whom influence.

Here the 12 Zodiac signs are divided into 5 categories-

Chatuspada- means Quadruped. Aries, Taurus, 2nd half of Sagittarius and 1st half of Capricorn are there.

Dwipada- Means human beings. Gemini, Virgo, Libra, 1st half of Sagittarius and Aquarius are there.

Jalchar- Cancer, 2nd half of Capricorn are there.

Banachar- Leo is there means it roams in forest.

Keet- Scorpio.

The maximum allotted marks are 2. Vashya koota should be same of bride and groom then maximum points 2 is allotted.


This Koota describes the emotional compatibility between bride and groom. Infect this is a two way match making consideration as the compatibility is checked from the groom’s horoscope with bride’s horoscope as well as from bride’s horoscope with groom’s horoscope is also done.

Here the groom’s Nakshatra is counted to that of the bride and the number received is divided by 9 .If the remainders not 3,5,7 then matching is considered  auspicious other than these numbers are acceptable. Similarly, same process is done from bride to groom and if in the process 3, 5, 7 is not the remainder then 3 points are allocated.

In the second case, if the one of the bride or groom counting process gets numbers 3, 5, 7 as remainder then 1.5 marks are allocated.

In the third case if in both of the bride and groom counting process gets 3, 5, 7 as remainder then 0 marks are given.

…Remainder 3 means Vadha Tara which indicates that both the bride and groom force each other to change their nature accordingly, this will add bitterness in the relationship.

…Remainder 5 means Pratyari Tara which indicates that both bride and groom will act as enemies when come in front of each other.

…Remainder 7 means Vipat Tara which indicates that both will be stressed in the relationship always fighting for no reason.


This Koota describes the Sexual compatibility among each other .It is essential for progeny and happy married life. Therefore it is analyzed carefully and in detailed. The Yoni Koota of both the bride and groom should be same, then only maximum 4 points are allocated to the couple.


Horse             Cat     Deer

Elephant       Rat     Monkey

Sheep             Cow   Mongoose

Serpent         Buffalo   Lion

Dog                 Tiger


This Koota tells the mutual friendship of zodiac signs of to be groom and bride. It describes the mutual understanding, emotional attachment and intimacy among the couple. It is most important focal point in Kundali Milan. If the Rashis are compatible then maximum 5 points are assigned.


This Koota describes the substantive nature of the person which doesnot change. Nakshatras of zodiac signs are categorized in three Gana

  1. DEVA GANA – The person born with a Deva Gana has the nature of doing good deeds and Benefitting others without any expectations.
  1. MANUSHYA GANA- The person born with a Manushya Gana has nature of give and take, person will benefit others in return of some kind.
  2. RAKSHAS GANA- The person born with a Rakshas Gana has nature of disturbing and harming others. Best match is of same Ganas of prospective bride and groom .maximum of 6 points are allotted. But in case of different Ganas second best is Deva and Manushya gana. Rakshas Gana is matched with its own gana.
  1.  RASHI AND BHAKOOT KOOTA– This Koota is examined by the position of Janma rashi of bride and groom. If the position is 2/12 or 5/9 or 6/8 then no points are given as 2/12 position indicates the mutual conflict between the couple on financial issues. 5/9 position indicates the mutual conflict between the couple on children 6/8 position indicates the most dreadful as it shows the death of married life.

For all other combinations- 7 points are assigned.

  1. NAADI KOOTA – This Koota describes the pattern of thinking. The nakshatras are divided into three categories.

ADI NAADI- Describes the haste and impulsive thinking

MADHYA NAADI- Describes frustration and depressive thinking

ANTYA NAADI- Describes suspicion and doubtful thinking.

Marriage is not compatible between the Naadi’s of same category, so no points are allotted. If the naadi is of different category then 8 points are allotted. The whole method of match making is completed. The sum total of all points of all Kootas will give the score out of 36 points. Minimum of 18 points are taken in consideration for match making. But this is not sufficient as with Ashtakoot method only nakshatras and rashis are considered. What about the horoscope, placements of planets?

There are 6 other important factors which are not to be ignored in match making are as follows-

  1. LONGEVITY- The longevity of the two should be analysed in their horoscopes.For this Lagna, lagna lord, placement of Jupiter and Saturn should be checked carefully. As long life is most important for happy married life.
  2. HEALTH– As it is a true saying “HEALTH IS WEALTH”. The health of both bride and groom to be checked in their horoscopes to enjoy the bliss of marriage. Physical and mental health is very important to enjoy the married life so Moon, Jupiter and Saturn should be analysed thoroughly.
  3. FINANCE- Life without money in today’s world is very difficult. Money is not a synonym of happiness, but life is rough and tough without money. Financial prosperity should be there in both of bride and groom so planets Venus, Mars and Jupiter is analysed in their horoscopes.
  4. FUTURE- Future should be promising to become wealthy and prosperous as there should be upward graph in life to achieve success. Both the horoscopes of perspective bride and groom should complement each other. The planets Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and Mars are checked and Dashas in continuation so that timing of event can be analysed in details.
  5. CHILDREN- For happy married life sexual compatibility is seen from Yoni Koota, the same lead to progeny .Moreover Jupiter and Mars should be seen and Fifth house for progeny.
  6. MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING- Newage generation girls are equally qualified and deserve the same respect from the better half .This is a very important factor for the foundation of marriage .This should be checked thoroughly from both bride and groom horoscopes .

These 6 factors are most important andnever be ignored in the Kundali Milan or Match making. The beauty of Astrology is that expert Astrologer can predict and judge the personality, health, fortune and all factors of life, so one must take benefit of such a wonderful science before knotting a tie.

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