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Energy Cleansing at Home with Tips by Ms. Dimple Babbar

In today’s era, becoming successful and powerful has become one of the most important motives for all people. The definition of a successful life is to be filled with positive energy and dedicated to a house or workplace that can lead you to a blissful and successful life. 

As we all know that Vastu plays a very important role as we stay at home for almost 50 percent of our day. Home is a place where relaxation, rejuvenation and motivation comes in our life. If there is no peace at home the mind gets blocked, people can’t focus  and curse their stars for their bad luck and unhappiness. 

When you go against the Vastu principles there might be chances of getting bad health, mental stress into your life. Consult an expert Vastu Astrologer who can add good health, wealth and happiness in your life.

According to Vedic Astrology, Vastu means a house where humans and god live. It is based on different energies like solar energy from the sun, the cosmic, lunar, thermal, magnetic, light, wind, and all these energies come from the atmosphere.

The Cycle  of Creation is a balance of five elements that is WATER is a nectar of life, which helps in growth of trees and plants that is AIR, which is source of oxygen without which no one   can survive, from Trees wood which is source of FIRE. Which helps in getting energy from food ashes which is EARTH which provides land to live which creates SPACE which is sky Rain which is again Water, this is a cycle of creation that also depends on position of Sun, during the whole day which decides our daily routine. With the Sun rise everyone wakes up and get ready for work, depending on their age ,work field ,When Sun is on the head that is 12 Noon everybody is working with full concentration as soon as Sun starts heading towards west for Sunset everyone is winding their whole day work ,and heads towards their dwellings.

For Home these highly  effective and elements related to each direction should be balanced in order to improve peace, prosperity, and success. And Vastu can also bring inauspiciousness, problems, worries if it is against the principles of Vastu Shastra. 

The five elements of nature considered by the Vastu are Earth, water, wind, fire, and ether plays an important role in influencing, guiding the living styles of not only human beings but of every living being on earth. 

It is advisable to consult an Astrologer to know some useful Vastu Tips and practical illustration of principles. 

Ways to improve your house by using Vastu Remedies

  1. Home is the place where you spend time, make yourself comfortable. And we also know that once it is constructed then it can become difficult to do the structural changes afterward.
  2. The bright light entering the main door of the house brings Cosmic or Universal energy which is the source of life on Earth. 
  3. Always place the television in the southeast corner of the living room or study room rather than placing them in the bedroom ,as each and every electronic item whether mobile ,Gadgets emit electromagnetic rays which are harmful for everyone’s health.
  4. Never keep plants or water elements in the bedroom as plants give carbon dioxide at night.
  5. One should never use separate mattresses and bed sheets as it brings differences among the couples.
  6. The furniture should be placed in the shape of a square, circle, or octagon. 
  7. You can hang a picture of bright sunrise on the Eastern Wall of the living room.
  8. The dining room should not expose the front door of your house.
  9. The restroom should not be near the worship room, and if it is there then make sure it should be neat and clean. 
  10. Every individual should always sleep with his head pointing towards the South direction. 

Vastu dosha remedy by means of puja/Yagya and Vedic Upaye

  • An individual can perform Ganesh pooja, Navagraha Puja, and pooja of Vastu Purusha.
  • You can put items like Vastu Purusha idol, nag or snake made of silver, copper wire, the pearl which should be kept in red cloth with red earth towards the east of direction. 
  • On Tuesday, keep Red sand cashew nuts in red cloth along with incense sticks towards the west direction in order to bring peace. 
  • Always keep the photo or idol of Ganesh Ji in your house as Lord Ganesh symbolizes peace and harmony. Lord Ganesha removes all obstacles from life that’s why He is called Vighanaharta.
  • Perform Grah Shanti every year in order to bring peace and harmony in your life.
  • An individual can also go for Residential Energy Cleansing to remove all the negativity.  
  • You can also light a lamp or Diya every evening near the waterpot of the house. 
  • Place a  picture or  Shri yantra on the wall is a symbol of prosperity and success, removing all vastu doshas of home. 
  • With such marvelous tips and remedies, you can be sure that the Vastu lord would bestow your home with anything but positive.
  • A Vaastu dosh ( defects) can be rectified through some changes in the rooms, interiors & rearranging objects ( placements) using regulators & charged objects. 

In order to enjoy the beauty of life, body, mind, and soul in perfect alignment with nature, go for the Best Vastu Consultant Online, Ms. Dimple Babbar who is the Director of Future Prediction Today and has been termed as one of the biggest Brand Name Astrologers in India. She suggests remedies that will help create a balance of the aforementioned chakras and with energized gemstone remedies, he suggests the gems that suit the energy of our body and the space we inhabit to reach the most profitable outcome.

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