Negativity at Home

Check Negativity at Home, Transform Your House into Home

Our homes should inspire us to go out into the World to do great things and then welcome back for refreshment
-Melissa Michaels.

It’s not how big the house is, It’s how happy the HOME is.

A house is made of bricks and beams. A HOME is made of hopes and dreams

According to VASTU SHASTRA – Vastu is a place where we live.   Home is a place where our life begins with all love, hopes and excitement. There is nothing as comfortable as our home wherever we go our instinct tells   to go back home. After a long day of work as soon as we enter our home, totally relaxed and feel like heaven. Mind, Body and Soul are connected to each space of our home. There is no separation between us as humans and surroundings, we are connected to spaces we inhibit.

There is a strong connection between energy of the house and health of the occupants. Every built house has three types of energies Cosmic, Earth and Structural energy and these should be in harmony for healthy and prosperous living.

Our homes are extensions of our thoughts, feelings and ourselves. Our sub conscious energy interacts with all the energy around us from all directions in home.  But for no reason, you don’t want to go back home, or continuously start feeling physically and mentally unwell. Quarrels, hot arguments ,confusions , unable to focus in work or home, Growth is blocked and immunity becomes low then your inner subconscious mind start alerting  about the negative energy accumulated around you.

Everybody knows that energy can never be created or destroyed but it can only change its form, everything around us has some energy either positive or negative. Positive energy keep you charged and active but negative energy can cause problems in all aspect of life, health, growth, sabotage your success and unnecessary expenditure on wasteful things.

Indeed our home accumulates negative energy caused by furniture, articles, paintings and emotions of us or others who come to our home or by specific change done in our home structure recently. Negativity in any form virtual or invisible hampers the physical, mental and emotional growth, has to be removed time to time. It is just like cleansing or detoxifying our body, things and environment so that functioning of all remain perfect.


Most important is the BRAHMASTHAN, should be free from all structural violation this will ensure the balance between cosmic energy of home and environment. Earth energy can be balanced by keeping NORTH EAST DIRECTION neat, clean and lively. STRUCTURAL energy can be harmonised by decluttering the home by discarding useless and broken things.

In FENG SHUI it’s called SPACE CLEARING.  In ASTROLOGY ,from Ancient times we have culture of ‘NAZAR UTARNA’ that is to protect our home and our loved ones from evil eyes.IN VASTU SHASTRA  in practice there are ways to arrange objects in particular environment to bring harmony ,balance and positive energy with the five elements, directions and SUN energy to promote good health, happiness and abundance. In Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra there are some things which are considered bad for home environment. Vastu can be used to manage the energy in a house as well as office. It is simple to implement and requires minor changes such as organizing the space, repositioning objects and add few positive things to improve the flow of energy in the home.


  1. REMOVE CLUTTER FROM HOME: It is necessary to remove clutter from home as energy remains in the older articles which are not in use, depending upon energy type they block. Our path forward. When you keep unwanted stuff, stops the new opportunities to come in life. Everything in your home brings joy and happiness and if it doesn’t give it to others.
  2. REMOVE BROKEN OBJECTS FROM HOME: Remove broken statues, idols, utensils, furniture, glasses, mirrors or items which are irreparable, emits negative energy and set your mind to accept what life has given you, which can block your instinct to grow. It attracts melancholy, sadness in home so immediately dispose off.
  3. THROW AWAY STOPPED OR DEFECTIVE WATCHES AND CLOCKS: Don’t keep stopped watches or clocks at home as stopped things indicates stagnant energy, attracts bad luck and misfortune in life. Mental and financial growth stops as clocks indicates the continuous growth and movement in life.
  4. DONATE OLD CLOTHES, BEDSHEETS TO NEEDY: Old clothes and bed sheets are stuffed in your closets that sometimes it will come to use .But stuffing them becomes an obstacle which blocks the renewal of energy in home. Avoid wearing patched or torn clothes as they bring bad luck in your love life.
  5. DON’T KEEP DEAD ANIMALS SKIN OR PARTS AS SHOW PIECES AT HOME: Parts of dead animals like Tiger skin, Ivories, Shells, Horns and Antlers or Embalmed species should not be kept in the home as it brings bad luck and stagnant energies .Negative things tend to attract bad energies is the rule of attraction. These things at home, will spread gloominess, sadness and wildness all over.
  6. AVOID KEEPING DRIED FLOWERS AND ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS OR PLANTS: Artificial flowers or plants accumulate all dust and dirt which hampers the flow of energy in the room and home .As a result it will start emitting bad energy instead of beautification which can lead to illness, feeling of hopelessness and depression.
  7. DON’T KEEP THORNY PLANTS OR BONSAI PLANTS: Thorny plants are big no at home, bring hurdles in personal and professional growth. Growth of plants is forcefully controlled to make Bonsai plants that’s why if kept at home it will stop the natural progress in life.
  8. DO NOT KEEP PAINTINGS OF WAR SCENES, SINKING BOAT, WEEPING OR CRYING PEOPLE, MAHABHARATA, SETTING SUN: These images should never be kept at home as it affects the nature of the family members and symbolises never ending rivalry among them. It depicts wildness, violence and induce melancholy energy. It create an environment of pain and sorrow at home.
  9. DO NOT KEEP SHOW PIECE OF TAJ MAHAL: Taj Mahal is highly inauspicious as according to Vastu Shastra, it was built by Shahjahan in memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahal as Mausoleum which signifies death and passivity .It is a beautiful wonder of World to see not to keep at home as it brings negativity only.
  10. Do not keep medicines in kitchen.
  11. Switch off electronic gadgets and Wi-Fi when not in use.
  12. Avoid red, black and grey furniture at home and ensure that furniture edges are not sharp.
  13. Puja room should not be made under stairs.
  14. Keep bathroom door closed

Above is the list of things which bring negative and bad energy at home so regular decluttering of articles not in use and maintenance of home should be done time to time to ensure safe and happy environment at home. To maintain regular inflow of harmonious energy keep all things working at home.

Our Ancient VASTU SHASTRA is an art designing architecture and acts as guidelines to enhance and rejunvates the positive energy for home.

Here are some ways which can bring balance at home so that you are relaxed, happy and comfortable at home and next day recharged with enthusiasm and activeness.


According to Vastu Shastra main door is not only entrance of family members and others but also a transition zone through which abundance of universal or cosmic energy enters in our world of four walled home .Main door is of main importance as creates first impression of our home .Main door should be neat and clean, beautifully maintained, don’t let negativity enter our home.

Main door should be bigger than other doors and open in clockwise direction. There should not be three doors in a line parallel to main door.

According to Direction of MAIN DOOR material used – Wooden door is most auspicious for main door. Doorbell should be melodious and Golden NAME PLATES with DIVINE SYMBOLS -OM, SWASTIKA, CROSS etc. RANGOLIS AND INCENSE STICKS to be lit on the main entrance for warm and good fortune. Main entrance should be well lit in the evening and light Diya.

Northern door – Hang silver DWAR TOORAN above the main door on wall and green plants with flowers on entrance.

Eastern door – wooden door with little metal accessories and green herbal plants on entrance.

Southern door – wooden door with red colour DWAR TOORAN and no plants.

Western door – metal door with silver and white beads DWAR TOORAN.

Never place mirror in front of main door as it bounce back all energy out.

  1. Keep Indoor plants like Money plant, Bamboo plant, Snake plant etc. in living and drawing room for growth in life.
  2. Keep fresh flowers in a vase in living area as it refreshes you and gives calming effect with scented aura.
  3. Hang wind chimes or bells in western direction of home as it creates space element and vibrates the electromagnetic field and help in free flow of positive energy and welcomes the prosperity. .
  4. Light Desi Ghee Diya in Puja ghar morning and evening as it increases the oxygen level in home and removes the darkness and brighten the home with joy and new hopes.
  5. Keep Sea Salt in four corners of your home in a bowl on Saturday and change the salt after 1 week as it absorbs the negative energy all around.Salt is the symbol of purification and by keeping home will get cleaned and purified.
  6. Hang paintings of Butterflies, Mandala, Flowers or Beautiful sceneries.

These are few tips of DOS and DONTS to keep our home beautiful, charged with happiness and joy. In this article I have suggested some basic rules to get maximum positiveness from our sweet home but for personalised Vastu consultancy contact our Expert F.P.T Vastu consultants. Stay Blessed.


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