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5 Powerful Points with Kundali Milan Ensure Happy Married Life

Sages have derived Kundali Milan or Matching of Horoscope of bride and groom before marriage, for happy married life. It is very authentic and important method for marital happiness from ages. In our holy books, Grihasthashram is considered the most important phase of life, as it is the present and future of the society to pass on the values of life.

Marriage is a very important pillar of the society in which life cycle continues with the morals and duties for society. Marriage is a lifelong relation in which two person take vows to keep each other happy and stay together in all good and bad times.

Horoscope is analysed thoroughly to check the compatibility of the girl and boy, so that both horoscopes are supporting and complimenting each other or not? Get your Kundli Milan from FPT Future Prediction Today Expert Astrologers.

What is kundli Milan or ashtakoot Milan?

Ashtakoot Milan is the method in which moon nakshatra of both bride and groom are checked. Moon represents our mind, emotion and inner nature, so compatibility of nakshatra is seen by Ashtakoot Milan.

Ashta means eight Koota and milan is matching and total points of 36 are given after analysing Moon sign and nakshatras. The Eight Kootas are considered of different points between the Bride and Groom are as follows-

Varna Koota– 1 point is assigned.

  • VARNA KOOTAdescribes the work ability .As 12 zodiac are divided into four category with top most to lower-
  • Brahmin, they are scholars and get their work done by others.
  • Kshatriyas, are the warriors, strong and put influence on others.
  • Vaishyas, are the merchants, business persons and money earners.
  • Shudras, the lowest category, do all kind of work for others and work under pressure.
  • Varna of boy should be equal or superior to that of bride one point is given. But if boy has inferior Varna 0 point is assigned.

Vaishya koota – 2 points are assigned.

  • VAISHYA KOOTAsignify the nature of the bride and groom, who will be the controller after marriage.

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  All the signs of zodiac are divided in 5 Vaishya

  1. Chatushpada – Aries, Taurus, second half of Sagittarius and first half of Capricorn.
  2. Dwipada or Manushya – Gemini, Virgo, Libra, first half of Sagittarius and Aquarius.
  3. Jalchar – Cancer, second half of Capricorn Pisces.
  4. Vanachar – Leo.
  5. Keet – Scorpio.

If both of them are of same Vaishya then ideal.

Tara koota – 3 points are assigned.

  • TARA KOOTAsignify the nature by birth, which is life long and cannot be changed. It tells about the mental compatibility.

Count the Janam nakshatra of Bride’s moon sign from the Janam nakshatra of Groom’s moon sign and divide the result by 9, if remainder is 1,2,4,6 then it is auspicious and 3 marks are given. But if remainder is,

– 3 means Vadha which is inauspicious and person will force the native to change the nature.

–  5 means Pratyari which is inauspicious and when the partner come in front, then the native force to change the nature.

–  7 means Vipat which is clashes among the couple shall remain throughout life then it is considered inauspicious and 0 points are given.

YONI KOOTA – 4 points are assigned.

  • YONI KOOTA signify the sexual behaviour of the bride and groom. Yoni koota is same then it is auspicious and 4 points are assigned. If   Yoni kuta are different then there will be enemity and 0 points are given.


Horse Cat Deer
Elephant Rat Monkey
Sheep Cow Mongoose
Serpent Buffalo Lion
Dog Tiger


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GRIHAMAITRI KOOTA – 5 points are assigned.

  • GRIHAMAITRI KOOTA signify the emotional attachment among the bride and groom and friendship among the duo is judged, if there is mutual friendship then the 5 points are given, but if there is enemity then 0 points are given.

GANA KOOTA – 6 points are assigned.

  • GANA KOOTA signify the nature by birth which cannot be changed.

All the 27 Nakshatras are divided in three types of GANA

  1. DEVA GANA–  Moon in Nakshatra –  Ashwini, Mrigasira, Punarvasu, Pushya, Hasta, Swati, Anuradha, Sravana or Revati are considered Deva Gana .They are kind hearted, always give and help others without any expectations. Like Sun, Moon.
  2. MANUSHYA GANA-Moon in Nakshatra-Bharani ,Rohini, Ardra, Poorva phalguni, Poorva shada ,Uttara shada ,Poorva bhadrapad     or Uttara Bhadrapada are considered Manushya Gana.They are kind,humble but help others when they are also benefitting them.
  3. RAKSHAS GANA -Moon in Nakshatra -Krittika,Ashlesha,Jyeshtha,Moola,Dhanishtha or Satbhisha are considered Rakshas Gana. They are selfish, stubborn and aggressive and intentionally harm others.

If the Gana of both are same then 6 points are assigned and if different then they will have difference opinion in working style, 0 points are given.

BHAKOOT KOOTA – 7 points are assigned.

  • BHAKOOT KOOTA– signify the nature of the person after birth so can be changed, it is checked by the position of Janam Rashi of Bride and Groom from each other if the position is auspicious then 7 points are given. Except position of 2/12, 5/9 or 6/8 in this 0 points are given.
  1. 2/12 position – Couple will fight on financial issues.
  2. 5/9 position – Couple will fight on issues of children.
  3. 6/8 position – This is considered worst as it will ruin the marital life

NADI KOOTA – 8 points are assigned.

  • NADI KOOTA – signify the pattern of thinking of the person.The Nakshatras are divided into three Nadi.
  1. ADI NADI – always in hurry and hyper active.
  2. MADHYA NADI – always in frustration and depression.
  3. ANTYA NADI – slowly become pshycopath and in depression.

If the Bride and Groom have same Nadi then 0 points are given. And if the duo have different Nadi then 8 points are given and considered auspicious for happy married life.

The following method is used to match the horoscope of the Bride and Groom, In Ashtakoota milan gets 18 marks or above are acceptable for marriage. For free kundali milan for marriage consult our Expert Astrologers Mr.Yash karan and Ms Dimple Babbar.

But this matching is not sufficient in the current 21st century as with the passage of time, females are equally qualified and financially independent. As in earlier times males are the main earning members and females look after the household and children. Also get thorough analysis of perspective Bride and Groom from our FPT internationally renowned Astrologers.

That’s why along with the Kundali milan, placement of planets are important for Long Life, Health, Future growth, Financial Growth and Children.

These 5 factors should be analysed thoroughly for the happy married life.

  1. LONG LIFE– Marriage is successful with long life of both the couple. Horoscopes of both Bride and Groom should be analysed carefully.The lagna lord and eight lord should be seen with planets Jupiter and Saturn. As strong Lagna, lagna lord, eight house, eighth lord, Jupiter and Saturn ensures the long life and good fortune.
  2. HEALTH – Health is the precious wealth as monetary wealth cannot be enjoyed without healthy body .Health of the perspective Bride and Groom should be analysed in the horoscopes for happy married life. Lagna lord, Lagna, Moon, Sixth house and sixth lord should be analysed for healthy living.
  3. FUTURE GROWTH– Future growth is the very important aspect of life, the person can be born poor but he should not die poor. Horoscopes of both should be favourable for steady growth in life. Planets Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn should be analysed for becoming wealthy and successful in life.
  4. FINANCIAL GROWTH– Finance or money plays the important role in the today’s life. As both the partners have equal qualification and earnings so they should share with each other and get steady promotions for successful marriage. Planet Venus, Mars and Jupiter should be in harmony with each other in the both horoscopes.
  5. CHILDREN-The sexual compatibility is seen from the Yoni Koota which results in progeny. The duo should have the yogas for children .The planets Jupiter and Mars should be seen in detail in the both the horoscopes for Happy Family life.

For good horoscope matching these 5 factors should be analysed in detail with the Ashtakoota Milan, which concludes in the perfect match making. For personalised Horoscope Matching contact our Astrologers FPT team Mr Yash Karan and Ms Dimple Babbar.


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