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Weekly Predictions 23rd to 30th November

Read your forecast from ascendant sign (Lagna). Ascendant sign is calculated from your birth details that is date, month, year, time and place of birth. If you don’t know your ascendant sign, you can contact our astrologer to know the same. Those who do not know their time of birth should read forecast from their moon sign. The prediction from moon sign are partially accurate and restricted to 75%. The accuracy of predictions from Sun sign is 25% only whereas the forecast from Lagna sign is 100% accurate.

ARIES SIGN- (21 March -20 April)

The week begins with hectic schedule of work which appears to get accomplished within due time. Next three days indicates unnecessary delays, frustration which led to problem of mood swings. You shall have to keep your patience intact. From 26th November, the time period is excellent for all areas, you shall be able to restore your peace of mind, financial gains and association with the family members. The weekend shall bring you closer to your near and dear ones.

TAURUS SIGN-(21 April – 21 May)

The beginning of the week shall be excellent for professional expansion, devising the plans and get financial gains. Your social, personnel influence would increase. 27th and 28th November are indicating health related tensions and your mood shall not remain good. You shall find yourself in low spirits.

Don’t start any work on these two days. The last two days are auspicious, boost your confidence and efficiency.

GEMINI SIGN – (22May – 21June)

This week shall be better for the work area and getting support of your colleagues or partners .The beginning of the week indicates absolute favour of destiny and able to attain gains .You would emerge confident and achieve your goals. The last two days of the week will not be favourable as the family issues, expenses would keep you mentally and emotionally disturbed.

CANCER SIGN – (22June -22July)

The week begins with the low immunity, health and general happiness. From 24th morning you shall find yourself active and confident. Throughout the week shall be excellent for research work, success and getting benefit from your strategies created for gains.

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LEO SIGN-(23 July – 22 August)

The week shall be full of ups and downs for you. The first four days till 26th November will be of low confidence and mental tensions related to parents health, unnecessary expenditure or children related issues. From 27th you are going to expand your talent of resourcefulness and able to perform well in all areas of life.

VIRGO SIGN-(23 August – 23 September)

This week is not auspicious for health and happiness. You are advised not to get into unnecessary argument with anyone because lack of anger management will become biggest issue this week. The relationship with the children or spouse or partner will remain below average which will give frustration and irritation .You should do meditation, yoga or pranayama to keep your mind cool .By the end of the week you will feel little relieved but tensions shall remain.

LIBRA SIGN-(24 September –23 October)

The health shall remain average in this week. Your hectic work load shall keep yourself in low spirits as it will turn into headache. Marital Bliss shall beat its maximum on 27th and 28th. Due to work pressure whole week will bring tensions and frustrations.

SCORPIO SIGN-(24 October – 22 November)

The whole week you shall get great results in all your fronts .You will enjoy with your children or love mate or family in shopping and excursions .You will get expansion in work by doing new partnerships and go for short travels .Your health shall remain good and conjugal bliss will be excellent throughout the week .

SAGITTARIUS SIGN- (23 November – 21 December)

The beginning of the week indicates you shall find yourself active in social life and family .Lots of activities going in the family, expenses shall remain high but inflow of money will remain intact .Love life will be good ,you will get new foreign opportunities in work after 28th November. The natives in job may not get favour of their bosses.

CAPRICORN SIGN-(22 December- 20 January)

The transit of planets indicate favourable results throughout the week. You will enjoy the bonding with your family and siblings’. You will be fully active in social gatherings and family functions .You will spend quality time with your parents and spouse .By the end of the week you shall get sudden gains and profits.

AQUARIUS SIGN-(21 January- 19 February)

The beginning of the week indicates expense on unnecessary things and you are advised to control your anger as it might affect your family life. You shall enjoy with your siblings and friends. Last two days of the week shall bring close knit with the parents but their health shall remain the concern of mental worries.

PISCES SIGN-(20 February- 20 March)

The beginning of the week shall be fulfilling in all aspects as good results can be expected in health, money, family, social relations progress in work. You shall be able to achieve success in all your fronts With confidence and enthusiasm. You shall get good rewards throughout the week .

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