Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Horoscope – 24th to 31st October

Read your forecast from ascendant sign (Lagna). Ascendant sign is calculated from your birth details that is date, month, year, time and place of birth. If you don’t know your ascendant sign, you can contact our astrologer to know the same. Those who do not know their time of birth should read forecast from their moon sign. The prediction from moon sign are partially accurate and restricted to 75%. The accuracy of predictions from Sun sign is 25% only whereas the forecast from Lagna sign is 100% accurate.


The week will start with luck favouring you strongly in work and getting lots of appreciation. The guidance of your mother will give tremendous gains and investment in property shall prove to be fruitful in next 3 days. From 27th October till end of the week there will be indication of unnecessary arguments with your family and spouse. It will be bad for your general happiness and decision making. Don’t take any decision in haste or aggression for your children or in personal life.


The starting of week will be good for outings and gatherings with friends for Diwali preparations. Next three days you will be busy in your work and get involved in interacting with your colleagues. But due to unnecessary tensions from children and expenses will keep your inner peace of mind disturbed in the last days of the week. You are advised to avoid arguments with your siblings and spouse.


Beginning of the week will keep you in low moods because of children and family. By the evening of the 25th your issues get resolved and get relieved from the stress. Your social activities and travel will bring relief from family stress. Your confidence level will be appreciable and you will get satisfactorily results in education in the last 3 days of the week.Your spouse will be the big support in your life and decisions.


The first two days of the week are excellent for marital bliss and happiness. But little issue will spoil the mood and keep you tense for some reason from 24 evening till 26 October late evening. You will restore your confidence and feel more energetic in next two days and you will be focussed and achieve your goals in work. But expenditure on family household items will be on higher side.


Your confidence level will be high and keeps you busy in work for the first four days of the week. 26th October will keep your desires high and spend good time with your spouse. You will face one or the other problems created by your colleagues and bosses from 28th October. It will disturb your mental peace. There will be difference of opinion with your siblings and parents which will be a headache for 3 days.  From 30th October your all matters get resolved


The week will bring happiness and joys with the family and children .You will get sudden gains and profits from the work .Five days will be full of enthusiasm with friends, family and expenditures on travel, gifts and luxuries .On 28th you are advised to avoid hot arguments with the spouse or partner. 29th and 30th are giving indication of enhancement of your marital bliss and in love life.  31st October will not be good for taking any decision will keep you disturb and you might suffer from mood swings.


The whole week will be indicating happiness with your parents especially with your mother will be enhanced. You will be enjoying and full of enthusiasm with the family members or love mate. In spite of mental stress your confidence will be intact, from 28th you will find ways for expansion of your business and work which will keep you busy and give success. 30th will bring your spirits on peak.


Beginning of the week will bring auspicious results in destiny, society and friends. Next two days will bring happiness and fun at home. 28th and 29th will enhance the tensions related to children and work, which will bring anxiety and troubles. But last two days of the week, your all problems get resolved


The week begins with sudden gains and profits from inherited money. You will get relations with influential people and get recognition in the society. There are indications of little difficulty in property related matters in next two days but get the best solution by the end of the week. You will get good news from the children and will make you proud.


Week begins with the support of your spouse or partners which will give benefits in all fields of the life. In spite of struggles and obstacles at work you will come as a winner in the whole week. Last 4 days of the week will bring appreciation in the society and get rewarded for your work.


First two days of the week are indicating hectic schedules and unnecessary expenditures which keep you in tensions and worries .You will not get fruitful results of your efforts. From 25th October you will be you will feel energetic and start restoring your peace of mind. Keep control on your words as week ahead will bring fights and arguments with the family.  Last two days will bring betterment in social activity and destiny.


Beginning of the week is indicating good luck happiness from children and love mate. First two days are auspicious for inflow of money. Next four days are not good for your health as might give cold, cough, fever or headaches so you are advised to take care of your health. From 29th October till end of the week your luck will favour you and best time for enhancement of your personality.


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