Manglik Dosha

Manglik Dosh and Its Emphasis on Kundali Matching

Manglik Dosha: It is believed that astrology is the combination of Science and Art because it includes the elements of both the branches along with intuitional knowledge of an astrologer. Both these branches prove their importance on different aspects of astrology. 

At one side astrology is a science that deals with the astronomy or mathematical part and intelligence imparted in the subject and on the other side it is also an art when it deals with prediction and reading part of horoscopes based on the astrological principles. Both the braches completes each other when it comes to the prediction of any astrological event.

In Indian Culture, the importance of 16 Sacraments (Sanskar) is known to all, which starts from conceiving and completes after the death of a native. One of the most important sacrament or Sanskar is Marriage. It is considered very auspicious as well as important because this sacrament keeps the generations on in this world. Marriage is not just meant to fulfil the personal desires and requirements but also to ensure a responsible generation. Hence Marriage in Indian Culture is not only a ritual of physical and mental relation but it also considered a very sacred bond. As Marriage is a very important part of an individual’s life, therefore parents fixes the marriage of their children after considering so many factors to ensure a blissful and everlasting Marriage leading to happiness, peace, harmony and prosperity.

The two major factor which majority of Indians consider before finalizing the marriage are Kundali Matching (Kundali- Milan or Gan/Gun Milan) and secondly but most importantly Manglik Dosha. In this article we will talk about Manglik Dosha and its emphasis on Kundali Matching. 

Traditionally according to Vedic Astrology, kundali Matching is done prior marriage in which the significance of Nakshatra and Moon Sign is very high. The kundali Matching as per Vedic Astrology is commonly known as Ashtkoot Milan. In most of the cases the Ashtkoot Milan suggests that Marriage is preferable but Manglik Dosha does not allows the same. So Let us talk About the Manglik Dosha.

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In Scriptures Manglik Dosha is defined as:

Lagne vyaye ch patale jamitro chashtame kuje |

Shtri bharturvinashanch bharta ch stri vinashanam ||

The placement of Mars in the Lagna, Fourth, Seventh, Eighth and Twelfth house of a boy or a girl creates Manglik Dosha or Kooj Dosha, and it is considered malefic and painful for family and marital happiness of the family. Generally in the consideration of Manglik Dosha, the placement of Mars is  analysed from the lagna but in many scriptures and literatures, it can be analysed from Moon and Venus also.

If any of the native has the similar placement of Mars in his chart, then the native is advised to marry an individual with the same dosha. Many learned astrologers and experts have different opinions about the Manglik Dosha which tells us about the malefic and adverse or ill effects of Mars on the marriage, marital life and the family life.

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Generally Mars is considered a malefic and cruel planet and it is believed that the ill placement of Mars in any house destroys the good results of the house as well as the house where this ill places Mars aspects.

Lagna: If Mars is not well placed in Lagna, then it affects the health and behaviour of the native. The aspect of Mars on 4th house adversely affects the happiness and peace of the family. Its aspect on 7th house creates issues related to marriage and its aspect on 8th house is affects the longevity of native.

Fourth: In general, it is assumed that the ill placement of Mars in the 4th house creates an eclipse in the familiar happiness and can lead to a separation or divorce in between married couples because it is aspecting 7th house which is 4th from 4th and also aspects 11th house which is 12th from 12th.

Seventh: The presence of Mars in the 7th house causes the difference between the loved ones or spouse and it created short temperedness. This is the house of marriage so it will be affected.

Eighth: The placement of Mars in 8th house adversely affects the 2nd and 3rd house. 8th and 3rd houses are analysed for longevity so the bad placement of Mars in this house affects the age of native.

Twelfth: When Mars is ill placed in 12th house, it reduces or destroys the bed pleasure along with the other good results of this house. As 12th is 6th from 7th, it is also the house of disease for a couple and it is also 8th from 5th, it is also the house of child’s longevity.  Hence the bad placement of Mars here creates and all-round and multifunctional damage.

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Mars is associated with once physical energy, strength, passion, aggression and all these attribute are associated with the ability to perform any physical task and when Mars is related to marriages, it is often related to the physical relation of sex in the marriage. The placement of Mars in lagna , 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th houses are somewhere are more practically connected to the sex life of a native.

  1. When Mars is placed in lagna it aspects the 7th house which is the house of marriage and can be connected between the physical relationship between native and spouse.  
  2.  Similarly the placement of Mars in 4th house also aspects 7th house.
  3. The presence of Mars in the seventh house also results in the physical compatibility of a married couple.
  4. In Kaal Purush Horoscope 8th house talks about the sex organs of a body, hence the presence of Mars in 8th house again makes a connection to the sex life of native.
  5. The 12th house describes the bed pleasure activity of a native and from here it aspects 7th house whose results have been already discussed.


  1. A Manglik has to marry a Manglik , otherwise the spouse of the native will die: 

It is not necessary that a Manglik should marry a Manglik person. If a person has to die after marriage, it may be due to some other planetary placement and purposely due to placement of Mars. For this reason, the matching or compatibility of the charts has to be done properly.

  1. A person can Double, Triple or Quadric Manglik: 

A person is predicted a Double Manglik by the influemce of ketu which has a similar behaviour like Mars and have the potential to create a Double Manglik Dosha, but this Dosha has to be studied properly before reaching to any conclusion. Any other Doshas like Triple or Quadric Manglik are imaginary Yogas and does not find a mention in Vedic Astrology.

  1. Manglik Dosha vanishes at a certain age ( eg: 28 or 32):

If a native is Manglik, he remains Manglik throughout his life, there is no way that is vanishes away at any age. There can be the cancellation of Manglik Doshas in many horoscopes which is call “Mangal Dosh Parihar” 

  1. Manglik Dosha can delay one’s Marriage:

Alone Mars does not delays your marriage, there must be some other combination which may involve other malefic planets like Sun, Saturn and Rahu which can lead to a delay in marriage.

  1. Manglik Dosha is seen from the Lunar chart:

Manglik Dosha is never seen from Lunar Chart, if we do so, then no one in this world will come out to be a Non-Manglik.

  1. There is no remedy for Manglik Dosha:

There are remedies described in Vedic Astrology and other scriptures which can weaken a Manglik Dosha and its malefic effects on native and his marriage but those remedies should be performed cautiously after proper analysis of horoscope, so that remedies can have a lasting effects.

  1. The marriage can be solemnized between a Non-Manglik girl with a Manglik boy:

This should not be practiced with proper matching of charts as it can give a long term malefic effects on their marriage. It can be done if there is a Proper cancellation of Manglik Dosha in boy’s chart.



  1. The cancellation of Manglik Dosha occurs if Mars is placed in such manner in a chart :
    1. Aries Sign in Lagna
    2. Aris, Cancer or Sagittarius Sign in 12th house
    3. Scorpio Sign in 4th house
    4. Tauras Sign in 7th house
    5. Aquarius Sign in 8th house 
    6. Aries or Cancer sign in 4th or 7th house 
    7. Capricorn Sign in 7th house
    8. Pisces Sign in 8th house
  1. If Mars if place in 12th house in the lordships of Mars, Mercury and Venus.
  2. A strong Jupiter or Venus are placed in Lagna or 7th house in their own signs.
  3. If Mars is Debilitated, combusted or in a retrograde motion, then also, the Dosha is cancelled.
  4. If Mars is placed in exalted or own sign.
  5. If Mars is conjunct with Jupiter, Moon or Rahu.
  6. If all benefic planets are placed in Kendra or trikona and all malefics are placed in 3rd,6th and 11th house.
  7. If Jupiter aspects the Mars placed in 7th house.
  8. If Saturn or Rahu is placed in the same house in other partner’s chart where one partner’s Mars is placed.
  9.  If Saturn of spouce is place in Lagna, 4th,7th, 8th or 12th house.
  10.  If the number obtained in Ashtakoot Milan are high
  11.  If Rahu, Mars or Saturn are place in any of 3rd,6th or 11th house of one partner, then the Manglik Dosha of other is not significant.

Based upon this article we can conclude that for a good, longlasting and a blissful marriage, a proper matching of the horoscopes of boy and girl are very essential and the possibility of Manglik Dosha in any of the chart should not be ignored.

Written by Mr. Bharat Saini

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