Rashi of a Newborn

What is the Rashi of a Newborn? Find the answer here!

A child makes you forget everything and indulge in the happy moments with them. Having an offspring makes a person happy and provides them with harmony and a sense of completeness. They also enhance the bond of the members of the family.

Every person is excited about welcoming the new member of the family. Though only the mother suffers the pain, this period is just like a roller coaster ride. Even after the pain and suffering, the excitement level doesn’t drop. But this period is full of risk and it must be made sure that all the steps that are taken in this period are taken with care.

It is often said that one’s Rashi is decided according to birth details and moon sign. Along with the birth date, time of birth, and place of birth Rashi is also decided as per the positioning of the moon in one’s horoscope.

Basic Parameters to find Rashi 

A Newborn baby brings joy and happiness in one’s house. The world where we reside is harsh and every parent wants to safeguard their children by doing everything they can. Safeguarding the future of the children is a basic thing which every parent wants to do. 

Astrology is the ultimate solution to this problem and it has helped a lot of believers to lead a happy and prosperous life. Astrology is the science of mathematical calculation of sun, moon, and planetary positions. Birth horoscope sounds like one of the best ways by which  parents can ensure a healthy life for their baby. 

Date and time of birth are the most important things to know about the Rashi of the child.  Name is also an important part in determining the Rashi of one person.

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According to the Vedic Astrology Calculations, there are 27 stars and 9 planets. It is considered that the sky is in a circle shape and it is subdivided into 12 equal parts, each being 30 degrees. Every part has either one or the other arrangement of stars and a group of stars together is known as Rashi. These are the 12 types of Rashi in Vedic Astrology: 

  • Mesha (Aries) 
  • Vrishabh (Taurus)
  • Mithun (Gemini) 
  • Karka (Cancer) 
  • Simha (Leo) 
  • Kanya (Virgo)
  • Tula (Libra)
  • Vrishika (Scorpio)
  • Dhanus (Sagittarius)
  • Makar (Capricorn).

Depending on the position of either the Sun or the Moon, at a given period, Rashi is calculated as Sun sign or Moon sign. Indian Astrology is highly calculated based on moon sign. It is the sign which is considered for preparing the Kundli of any person. 

Determining the sun sign is an easy job because the sun takes one year to visit all twelve signs. The Rashi is dependent on the positioning of the sun in a particular month as it stays in one Rashi for around one month. 

The toughest thing to determine is the moon sign because the moon only stays for two and a half days in each Rashi. Moon sign just depends upon the position of the moon and this particular sign during one’s time of birth. Moon sign requires a lot of studies and only an expert can find it out. 

As per Vedic Astrology, the first house is called as the Lagna of one person. It is considered that the moon is the mind of one person and Lagna is that particular person. Moon holds an important for astrological calculations as it is considered the best way to control the emotions of a person. Though a moon is not a planet, it is considered as a planet in Astrology. It is the most important thing for determining an individual’s daily activities.

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Importance of the Rashi

Rashi is an important thing because of the following reasons: 

  • A person’s character and nature of that individual is determined by one’s Rashi. 
  • The correct path in one’s life is found with the help of their Rashi. 
  • One can know about the relationship aspect of one’s life. 

As the astrology says, an individual’s Rashi determines the way of life he is going to lead. When an astrologer looks for the Rashi of the newborn, along with it he also determines their characteristics and nature. Once a parent is sure of the characters of the baby, they can provide him with good guidance for removing all obstacles and things that might cause problems for them.

Astrology provides with Astrology Education Report from some famous astrologers in Delhi and it will help a parent to know what would be the weak point for a child.  Talk to Expert FPT Astrologers Mr Yash Karan and Ms Dimple Babbar will provide you with various solutions to your problems.

A newborn baby horoscope is made to ensure that the baby will not have any problems shortly. Kundali Prediction is another way by which the course of life can be predicted for a baby. An astrologer is a person you can consult in this state of dilemma and expect most of the answers to your questions and consultation with Best Astrologer in Delhi.

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