Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Horoscope – 15th to 22nd November

Read your forecast from ascendant sign (Lagna). Ascendant sign is calculated from your birth details that is date, month, year, time and place of birth. If you don’t know your ascendant sign, you can contact our astrologer to know the same. Those who do not know their time of birth should read forecast from their moon sign. The prediction from moon sign are partially accurate and restricted to 75%. The accuracy of predictions from Sun sign is 25% only whereas the forecast from Lagna sign is 100% accurate.

ARIES SIGN – (21 March -20 April) 

The beginning of the week indicates mood swings and you shall keep your patience intact .There is major chances of argument among the family and two days are not good for love life. You are advised not to take any decision   .From 17th the time period shall bring improvement in destiny, efficiency and energy. You shall perform very well in all your work and going to enhance your talent of resourcefulness.

TAURUS SIGN – (21 April – 21 May)

The first two days of the week you shall enjoy excellent compatibility, attachment and bonding with the spouse .Next two days 17th, 18th take care of your health and keep yourself busy in work to have a good mood. Latter part of the week you shall get revitalise and indication of short travel to holy places. 

GEMINI SIGN – (22May – 21June)

The week starts with low spirits and mental tensions due to difference of opinion among the family and peer group .You will get full support of your spouse or partner but tensions will chase you till the end of the week, keep you mentally and emotionally disturbed because of uncontrolled expenses, family and children.

CANCER SIGN – (22June -22July)

Health shall remain average this week, take care of your stomach and avoid outside food. Your health shall improve and indicates short journey related to work. The conjugal bliss shall be absolutely satisfactory. You shall succeed in creating new partnership and expansion in your work which will give long term gains.

LEO SIGN – (23 July – 22 August)

The beginning of the week indicates stress and mental tensions due to bad health of parents or some family issues. From 17th you shall get good results in education and all competitions. You shall surprise everyone around by your unusual talent. You shall succeed in all work till the end of the week.

VIRGO SIGN-(23 August – 23 September)

The week will begin with the social gatherings, meetings, fun with the friends and family. The whole week is auspicious for domestic happiness and entertainment. You will enjoy with your love mate or loved ones and get auspicious results throughout the week .You advised to keep your anger in control otherwise you can get into unnecessary arguments.

LIBRA SIGN – (24 September –23 October)

The beginning of the week is not favourable for work and finance but from 16th planetary transit indicates improvement in efficiency and financial gains at work. You shall perform very well in all areas of life. This week indicates gains from business tour and meetings. There is high possibility of investment in property too.

SCORPIO SIGN – (24 October – 22 November) 

The beginning of the week indicates a relief from hectic and uncontrolled expenses in work area. The planetary transit will bring new opportunities at work which will give financial gains in the latter part of the week. This week will bring happiness, enjoyment and holiday trip which will revitalise you after long period.

SAGITTARIUS SIGN – (23 November – 21 December)

First two days of the week are not good for happiness, decision making and getting favour of your destiny. But from mid of the 17th you shall get sudden gains and your hidden talent shall prove to be fruitful .You shall get benefit from the property and get full support of your family and loved ones.

CAPRICORN SIGN – (22 December- 20 January)

The beginning of the week will ensure gains from the partner or friends. But you have to work hard for the expected materialistic gains till 17th but things will start favouring you afterwards. You will achieve confidence and work efficiency by the end of the week. Your instinct to make things favourable for you shall prove to be beneficial.

AQUARIUS SIGN-(21 January- 19 February)

The planetary transit for first two days is not favourable for the health but you shall be better after two days. Emotionally and mentally last days of the week are not good keep your anger and speech in control otherwise you shall get into unavoidable fights. You are advised to do meditation and Pranayaam.

PISCES SIGN-(20 February- 20 March)

The week will be auspicious in all matters except first day as you shall become focus in your studies or start getting favour of your destiny. You will achieve success and favour of your bosses or colleagues at work. Your outstanding performance shall reward you throughout the week.

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