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Love Astrology: How to know the future?

Love Astrology: We know that the stars are a great source of answers regarding the question of love. It is true that it is a little as if it had been made for that. With all the possibilities left by the astrology we will see that it is the ideal support to treat of all the subjects relative to that of the love.
How to know our love future? How to get to know the character profile of the one we love or start to like? Discover all your answers here.

The astral theme

To know if we are compatible with someone, it is possible to refer to the astrology map of the person. It is a map that is almost personalized because it is certain that seeing the sign of the person but also studying his behavior through the houses, the planetary influences is something that is accessible for free by everyone.

We must not forget that many parameters come into play in the astrology of love, it is one of the qualities of this practice because it allows to see things in detail.
The result is that we can know the profile of the person which is interesting when we make a first meeting. But it is true that this is not everything, that’s why we write these lines because nothing replaces the moments spent with two.


On the other hand it will be interesting to note that character traits seen in the astrology of love will come out in the profile of astrological signs that we can already discover in the themes of men that can be seen in our site for example. For if it is true that we are supposed to be all different, it is none the less true that particular traits come back and that these are more or less strong depending on the people. So, it is striking to see that for example many Bulls are attached to the land and traditions while the Pisces are more dreamy and less materialistic. Then there are the influences of the houses, the planets, the elements that will do the rest and that can sometimes make all the difference and that is what makes all the beauty and complexity of the astrology of love.

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This is the divinatory part of love astrology and it is often the most awaited because it allows to know how will evolve the relationship. Most of the time we make this request at two strong moments that are the meeting and the break. What is crazy is that you almost never ask your future during relationship. That may be why things end bad sometimes because we do not pay enough attention.
The routine sets in, we live the present moment and we do not worry about the next day whereas it is perhaps at this moment that one should read his horoscope because it can sometimes be a warning or a click which gives the idea of ​​surprising the other.

Astrology is always seen as a science that makes predictions that will or are likely to happen. But it is also possible to see it as a way to know big trends to better counter them. Because if we see that the future love will not be good in the coming week, nothing prevents us to make an effort to put a little spice in his sex life at that time or to show a little attention to his spouse. It is possible because nothing is fixed.


Love astrology is also knowing oneself

When we look at the profile of the signs it is always that of others so as to know the character of the one we have just met. Here we made sure to talk about the qualities but also the defects of the astrological signs which sometimes allows to make his self criticism. In fact, people who ask for answers about their future often do so without asking themselves what their own profile is. How many women wonder why they do not find the perfect man?
This is because no one is perfect but also because they focus all their expectations on each other while the problem can also come from themselves.

This too can find answers in the astrology of love because it is fundamental when one seeks the love of knowing oneself.

If it is true that astrology is not a science, it is also true that we are not perfect. We have our faults and some can scare men so nothing is ever completely frozen, it is still time to correct the shot. And this can be done with the help of a psychologist but also simply the astrology of love because it helps to reflect.
Of course you have to be honest with yourself, it’s the basis but everything is possible because nothing is engraved in the marble, if you never change completely, you can always improve and even change some points.

What no astrologer will do for us

He will not make us act. Sometimes we think that astrology can give us answers but if we do nothing after it is useless. If we remain cloistered at home, nothing can happen. So we have to move, we have to go to meet the world.

The other thing that an astrologer will not do is tell us something other than good or bad auspices. He will tell us, for example, that the astrology of love predicts that the period from 2 to 15 July will be a good time for us because Venus will be in alignment with our sign and that the sign of the beloved will be also receptive to this period thanks to Saturn and the Sun. This is good but we must not think that nothing will happen from July 16th. Once again you have to move and stay positive because anything can happen anytime. We spend our time saying it: astrology can give keys but it is not magic, the keys are always in our hands.

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