Ahoi Ashtami is an Indian festival that is dedicated to the Goddess Ahoi also known as Ahoi Mata. Basically, this festival is for the mother who performs Ahoi Mata Vrat for the well being of their children. This religious festival comes four days after Karva Chauth and eight days prior to Diwali. This day is also known as ‘Ahoi Aathe’. It is called ‘Ahoi Ashtami’ since it is celebrated on ‘Ashtami Tithi’, that is the eighth day of the Lunar month.

Mothers worship Goddess Ahoi with utmost enthusiasm and pray for a long, happy and healthy life for their children. They break the fast only after seeing and worshipping  the stars by offering water , wheat grains and light a lamp.

This day is also called” Krishna Ashtami”. Females who don’t have children keep fast and take  holy dip  before Sunrise in Govardhan”Radha Kund Snan” in Mathura, on the auspicious day of Ahoi Ashtami to get the blessings of Goddess Kushmanda for progeny.

Ahoi Ashtami 2020 Date

This year according to Panchang, the Ahoi Ashtami Vrat will be celebrated on 8th November 2020 (Sunday). 

Ahoi Ashtami Vrat Muhurat

This year Ahoi Ashtami puja Muhurat is for 1 hour 19 minutes from 5.31pm to 06.50pm.  and time for worshiping stars is 5.56 PM. Moonrise will be at 11.56pm. 

               Ashtami Tithi Start – 07:29 AM

               Ashtami Tithi End  –  06:50 AM

Significance of Ahoi Ashtami Vrat 

The Ahoi Ashtami Vrat is usually celebrated in the months of October-November or the Karthik month (specifically the 8th day after full moon) according to the Hindu calendar. Ahoi Ashtami Vrat is performed with devotion just like Karwa chauth vrat with strict fasting rules of not having water throughout the day. 

In earlier times, on this day mothers observe a fast from dawn to dusk, for the well-being and long life of their sons. But today, thanks to the empowerment of women, mothers have started observing the fast for the well-being of all children. 

History of Ahoi Ashtami or Vrat katha

The story behind the celebration of this auspicious festival is the story of a money lender who had 7 Boys , 7 Daughter in laws and one Daughter  .For celebration of Diwali all daughter in laws and daughter went to forest for soil to  renovate the house . While digging the soil, the money lender’s daughter accidentally killed the Siyahu’s children. 

Siyahu mata cursed the daughter that she would not be able to become mother,she cried for help from her 7 Bhabhi and succeeded in convincing her youngest bhabhi to accept the curse of Siyahu mata instead of her.No one disclosed about the curse to the family ,but the youngest Bahu ‘s children used to die after 7 days of birth. Youngest Bahu asked the ASTROLOGER about the death of her children, he advised her to take good care of Surahi cow. 

She started cleaning the place of Surahi cow giving water and fodder, Surahi cow became happy and after listening to the whole incident how Siyahu mata cursed her, she  took bahu to Siyahu mata. 

On the way, youngest Bahu saved the offspring of Garud from the snake, when mother Garud came back and saw blood around ,she started hitting the Bahu but Surahi cow stopped Garud and told her how Bahu saved her kids. Garud’s mother said sorry and took both the Surahi cow and Bahu to Siyahu mata. 

After listening to the sacrifice and care of Bahu from her friend Surahi cow, Siyahu mata was pleased and blessed her with 7 Sons. When Bahu came back home ,she was very happy to see her 7 sons and 7 daughter in laws.She celebrated and distributed sweets .This story became popular and even today mothers observe fast and pray to Ahoi Mata for the well-being and bright future of their sons.

Method of Observing Ahoi Ashtami Vrat

Ahoi Ashtami puja preparations are supposed to be only done before sunset.

  • Celebration of Diwali starts from Ahoi Ashtami Vrat ,Maa Parvati is worshipped on this day.
  • Ahoi Mata picture is made or the calendar of Ahoi matta is placed on the wall.
  • Mitti Kalash filled with holy water is kept on Chowki with swastik on the ‘Kalash’ is drawn with red roli and a sacred thread (Moli) is tied around the Kalash.
  • Silver square pendant with Siyahu mata   embossed is put in a thread with silver beads mala,  and is kept in the Thali. Every year 2 silver beads are added in mala for the well being of the children.
  •  In Bhog prasad, Poori Halwa, fruits and panch mewa are offfered to Ahoi mata .
  • Every female keeps the 7 grains of wheat in her hands and listens to the AHOI ASHTAMI VRAT KATHA from elderly females of the home.
  • Females give ”BAYANA” that is clothes, shringar items, money and poori halwa to mother in law and seek her blessings.
  • At last, Ahoi Ashtami mata Arti is performed at the end of the puja. 
  • When stars rise in the evening Arghya that is water is offered to stars and do puja with wheat grains and sweets then they drink water to break  Ahoi Mata Vrat.


The devotee should recite this mantra while doing the puja in order to get the best results 108 times 

                                             “Om Ahoi Devyai Namah”

       Aarti Ahoi Mata Ji Ki

  Jay Ahoi mata  jai Ahoi mata I

 Tumko nis din dhyawat hari Vishnu vidhata,

jay Ahoi mata ||

Brahmani, Rudrani, Kamla tu hi hai jagmata|

Surya-Chandrama dhyavat Narad Rishi gata |

jay Ahoi mata ||

Mata rup niranjan sukh-sampatti data|

jo koi tumko dhyavat nit mangal pata |

jay Ahoi mata ||

tu hi patal basanti, tu hi hai shubhdata|

karma-prabhav prakashak jagnidhi se trata |

jay Ahoi mata ||

jis ghar tharo vasa vahi men gun ata|

kar n sake soi kar le man nahin dhadkata |

jay Ahoi mata ||

tum bin sukh n hove n koi putra pata|

khan-pan ka vaibhav tum bin nahin ata |

jay Ahoi mata ||

shubh gun sundar yukta kshir nidhi jata|

ratan chaturdash toku koi nahin pata |

jay Ahoi mata ||

shri Ahoi mata ki arti jo koi gata|

ur umang ati upje pap utar jata |

jay Ahoi mata ||

Future Prediction Today wishes you Happy Ahoi Ashtami. May every devotee get the blessings of Ahoi Mata on this special occasion! Stay Blessed.

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