How Marriage Astrology can save you from a Divorce?!

Marriage is the most beautiful phase of one’s life. The definition of marriage will vary from person to person and from religion to religion, however, it is always the union of two hearts who are fond of each other and pledge to spend a lifetime with each other. A successful marriage takes a lot of effort from both the people involved in the nuptial union. It requires time, care, affection, and loads of love. Marriage is the beginning of a new life and it requires a life-long commitment. It also requires you to be selfless when you serve your spouse and plan a future with them. Marriage is not just about living together but it also requires a spiritual and emotional union. It is an association of two compatible souls.

But a lot of times a marriage turns into a cage for the couple and suffocates. This has become a major reason for marriages falling apart and couples break due to different temperaments. Not many people realize what went wrong in their relationship and where did their luck lose their charm?! Even if everything was going right in their relationship, there is something that goes wrong and the couple ends up splitting.

One should always consult Marriage astrology in such a phase and Horoscope matching can help him/her to save their marriage.

Marriage  Problems

Some common marriage problems are:

  • When two partners are not ready to understand each other’s thoughts and do not respect the feelings of their spouse then misunderstandings will occur and it might affect the strength of love between them. One can easily check the compatibility with their partner through a love compatibility horoscope.
  • Many times, financial differences, familial or other issues may also create problems in married life. It affects the love and bond of the couples. Through Marriage Report, you can resolve the problems of your love life.

Extramarital affair and negligence of one’s partner could also become the reason for conflict in marriage. With the help of a marriage horoscope, one can know about the problems and the respective solutions for their happy married life.

Reasons behind a Weak Marriage

Love marriage astrology has found various reasons for a weak marriage. Following  are few main astrological of divorce and failed marriages:

  • Venus: Venus rules the romance, emotions, marriage, and relationship. Venus is a major reason why relationships don’t work or why they work.
  • Jupiter: The Horoscope of wife, the role of Jupiter is considered, as for wife her guru is her husband. Jupiter discloses a woman’s relationship with her husband. If Jupiter is weak in anyone’s horoscope, it might lead to a divorce.
  • 7th house: 7th house in one’s horoscope represents about the husband, wife, and their relationships and marital status. The 7th house must be looked onto for determining one’s relationship. This house will also tell about the Love and Marriage compatibility for a person.
  • The Lord Of 7th house: The positioning of the 7th house Lord is really important for having a smooth and fruitful relationship.
  • Placement of Planets in 7th house: Placement of different planets in 7th house is also considered in the success of married life. It should be considered for knowing about the success of the marriage.

Ways to Fix Your Marriage & Prevent a Divorce!

Here are some ways by which you can try and fix your marriage with your spouse:

  1. Communicate with your partner
    Be honest and share your thoughts with your partner at all times. Communicating about everything builds your trust upon each other and you know that your partner is standing by your side at all times.
  2. Keep The Romance Alive
    Go on dates, spend time together. Do whatever you need to build your connection. Surprise your partner with small things. Make small efforts to keep them impressed. Contribute to household tasks and spend most of their time together.
  3. Resolve Conflicts
    When you disagree with your partner on anything it might lead to conflicts or disputes between you two. Never argue with your partner on anything in a public place. Prefer a private place and then argue on anything. You need to control your anger and you are not supposed to shout at each other no matter how worse the situation is. The ability to control your anger will always help you two to stay close and together.
  4. Foster Trust
    The most important part of being in a relationship is that you need to trust your partners and their preferences. When you make a decision about anything, consider their opinions and trust their instincts too.
  5. Respect your Partner

The most important part which everyone forgets is that your partner can leave you too. You cannot take them for granted and you need to respect them at all points of time. The best way to receive respect from someone is to give them respect in the first place.

Astrological Tips for a Successful Married Life

One must refer to Kundli Matching to know about their prospects of having a successful married life. Here are some astrological tips apart from Kundli Milan, that must be followed in order to improve your relations with your partner:

  • Fasting on Monday with offering 27 Bel Patra and water to Lord Shiva every morning.
  • Feed poor people on Saturday.
  • To avoid fights and conflicts between husband and wife, donate black sesame or black urad dal for three Saturdays.
  • The wife should observe fast on Thursday. It will increase the understanding between two partners. You can free birds from the cage on Saturday.
  • If the wife does an extramarital affair then the husband should do fast on Friday. It makes your married life happy and your partner loyal and honest to you. For this, you can Talk to Astrologer for love problems.

For a detailed prediction of your life and your relationship, you can Talk to Astrologer Online. A consultation with Top Astrologers in Delhi is available at Future Prediction Today to help out with the trivial issues you face in your daily life.


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