Colours: Life is all about Colours and brightens our World with happiness, energy, growth, positiveness and wholeness. Nature has given Rainbow colours “VIBGYOR”. Each colour depicts the different aspect of life.


RED COLOUR-brings love, luck and prosperity.

Red is the colour of leaders’ gives power, passion, energy, strength and branding.

Red colour represents the planet MARS, Element FIRE and Flavour HOT and SPICY.

Lucky for Aries and Scorpio signs and names starting from CH, L, A, N, D.

Red is the Universal colour to express love, danger, stop, beaware and attention seeking.

Boost your confidence by adding red colour in your wardrobe.

Red Sindoor is used to tie sacred relationship in Hindu marriages.

Maa Laxmi showers the blessings by lighting red bulb in South East direction of your house

Put a red flag on south of terrace for all round success.

Red Apple a day keeps the Doctor away.

Keep the Red Lamp or Red Painting or adding Red colour in the South or South East direction brings name, recognition, power and confidence.

RED ROSES expresses love and enhances the attraction, by keeping in South zone spreads love and harmony.

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ORANGE COLOUR-brings success, joy, encouragement.

Orange colour is the colour of Social people gives relationship skills, recreation, and determination.

Orange is the colour of brightest planet SUN – the king of the Universe and Life Creator which is giving light, life and new inspirations selflessly.

Element –Fire and Flavour-Sour.

Lucky for LEO, ARIES, SCORPIO signs and names starting from M, T, CH, L, N.

ORANGE is the combination of Red and Yellow energy, adding Orange colour in EAST direction brings name, fame, recognition and social relations.

An Orange a day keeps you away from cold and flu.

Orange colour worn by the Rishis and Munis who move on the path of enlightenment and impart the spiritual knowledge to others. Orange is the color of maturity.

Apply Saffron Tilak on forehead to become intelligent, focus and intuitive.

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YELLOW colour brings health, wealth and wisdom.

Colour of biggest planet Jupiter, is also called guru. There is a saying” Guru Bina Gata Nahin”.Guru enlightens the life with knowledge, awaken confidence and skills.

Yellow is the colour of learning, fun, joy, honesty and happiness.

Element-Earthy and Flavour-Sweet.

Lucky for Sagittarius and Pisces signs.

Names starting from BH, YA, DA.

Adding Yellow colour in South West will ensure good health and immunity. Yellow colour brings abundance of joy and wealth.


GREEN COLOUR brings life, growth and freshness.

Green is the most dominant colour of nature gives oxygen which is lifeline of creation .Color of Healing, relaxation, stability and endurance.

Green color of, ambition, expression, money, banking and finance.

Color of youngest planet Mercury- the Prince of Solar system.

Green color in North and East direction brings recreation, fun, social associations and new opportunities.

Element-Air, Flavour-Sour

Lucky for Gemini and Virgo signs.

Names starting from Ka, Gha, Pa, Tha

Go VEGAN to become healthy, wealthy and wise.


BLUE COLOR-brings calmness, relaxation and tranquility. Blue is the color of Sea and Sky which signifies expansion and spaces which is larger than the perception as blue is the basis of all-inclusiveness.

Color of planet SATURN which gives depth, sincerity, discipline and stability in life.

Place a blue color vase with fresh flowers in North direction gives new opportunities, openings, money and health.

Blue is the color of reserved, quiet and balanced people.

Element-Water, Flavour-Salty

Lucky for Capricorn, Aquarius and Libra signs.

Names starting from Kha, Ja, Ga, Sa.

Blue color soothes and relaxes, by adding blue color in your room, clothes gives a sound sleep.


INDIGO COLOR brings higher spiritual knowledge, idealism and selflessness.

Color of Third Eye Chakra, is helpful in intuition and perception. Indigo is midnight blue color combination of deep blue and violet

Color of selfless people who serves to humanity.

Truth, Integrity and deep sincerity are the main qualities of Indigo.

Adding Indigo color in your Yoga or meditation time gives peace, relaxation and contentment.


VOILET COLOR-brings imagination, spirituality and originality. Voilet color is the mix of Red and Blue intense colors, so it has energy and passion of Red and spirituality of Blue.

Voilet is the color of Crown chakra and helps in connecting the soul to higher conscienceness .

Voilet is the color of Philosphers, Artists, Writers and psychics. It combines the wisdom and power gracefully to attain individualism.

Voilet color in North direction brings royalty, luxury and grandeur.


White color brings purity, perfection and completion .White is a mystical color of all-inclusiveness, seven colors can be refracted from it and on other part when there is no color that is white color.

White color brings purity and wholeness in the Vastu.

Black color brings power, elegance and style. It is a color of setting a statement and outstand in the world.

Black color is the color of night, mystery, and secret knowledge, positive and negative traits.

Black color has different reaction on an individual as it absorbs all energies around and does not give out anything.

Black color should be used with caution as excess of it may lead to depression, gloominess and separateness from the world.

Element-Water, adding black color in North direction brings harmony and balance in life.

Colors are the form of light and electromagnetic energy. Color therapy is used to cure physical and emotional illness. Knowledge of color’s significance can be used on body, home, work place to provide support and benefits to uplift our different areas of life.

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